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I finally got my wife back from Switzerland. Her grandson is doing better. Our dog loves having her back in the country as she spoils him much more than I do. 

Not much writing going on, but research for future blogs happening. Will be writing about those soon. Testing out a new service for getting items from the USA to Colombia. House remodeling in Bogota - talk about the good, bad and ugly it really happens with this. With having to do so much carpentry for the new place a part two blog about hobby woodworking in Colombia is in the works. Getting descent tools and wood is turning out to be an exercise in frustration. And readers will learn how to avoid what I encountered.

Colombia drops almost 10% in global competitiveness - The World Economic Forum 2017-2018 report is out. I always enjoy seeing how the country is doing. Often what the national news reports is much different from what this international report states.  In 2006 Colombia went after a long term vision to have a descent per capita income for residents.  This set back on the index shows their efforts going in the wrong direction. As the report states about the country there are the, " absence of measurable and objective indicators." The report lists the top three problems for Colombia as Corruption, tax rates and inefficient government bureaucracy. 

Are you addicted to arepas? - The food arepa is a staple in Colombia. They are many different kinds.  With foreigners there seems to be either a like or a dislike with nothing in between. Some have referred to the food as a white hockey puck. Others love them so much that they even use it as part of their blog name. Blogger Sara Duncan is known as Sarepa. One of her old posts that explains much in both words and photos is 9 Signs you’re addicted to arepas. 

Local Colombian government believes students should neither have homework nor start school early - I have no idea of what type of student Joao Herrera was, but the mayor of Soledad banned classes starting before 9AM and all homework for students.  I have heard some parents agree with the mayor and other disagree. Any comments from readers?

The World Cup Jersey is here - The USA does not have to worry about it as they did not make the cut. But once again Colombia is going to the World Cup. The official shirt has been announced by Adidas and the yellow continues to stand out. The price from the company is $130 USD. That is equivalent to over 50% of the minimum wage in the country. So I am confident replicas will be sold on the streets for a lesser amount.  And on game day you will see Bogotá awash in yellow.

"...extreme cronyism saturating Colombia’s economic and political elites" - The quote is from an article in Colombia Reports about the Paradise Papers. Former U.S. ambassador to Colombia, Morris D. Busby, is even mentioned as a participant.

Imagine a country where 91% of the people disapprove of the political parties - The Gallop poll in Spanish is very interesting looking at people perception on such things as corruption, cost of living, security and many other concerns over the presidency of Alvaro Uribe and Juan Manuel Santos.

Thank you for reading. Sending you wishes for a great day.


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