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What's Happening in Colombia

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Cocaine by the numbers

Ever wonder how much cocaine is consumed in the world, who consumes it, how it is transported, how much is seized?  Well this article provides that information.

More numbers, this time about Colombia and human rights 

The Human Rights Watch 2018 World Report is out - Despite peace with the FARC the country still maintains 2nd place in the world for displaced citizens. The report also covers Indigenous Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Gender-Based Violence, Internal Displacement and Land Restitution, Peace Negotiations and Accountability plus Human Rights Defenders, Journalists, and Trade Unionists.

What it is like dating Colombian men

 Erin Donaldson over at the blog site of Open Minded Traveler is writing about her experience dating what males this South American country has to offer. In her writing titled, The Colombian Dating Game | A.K.A. My Experience, she covers some of the dates she has been on. One of her comments is, "There are cultural norms here that tell men they aren’t even real men if they don’t have multiple women as partners. And really, it’s sad. Women here have largely allowed the male-dominated media to tell them that this is their reality, and they have swallowed it hook, line and sinker."

Strange defense for being accused of sexual harassment

The website of la opinion wrote an article about a Colombian police colonel giving two years of sexual harassment to a female officer. Seems that after the complaint reached the higher ups the Colombian media decided to publish photos of female police officer in a bikini and evening dress rather than address the issue of sexual harassment of female police officers. This comes not long after The Guardian ran an article titled, Male prostitution ring allegations put Colombia's police at center of scandal.

On the other side, what should a foreigner know about dating Colombian women?

 A guest blogger over at the blogsite of Medellin Living wrote, Dating Tips: Up-to-Date Advice for Foreign Men in Medellín [2018 Update]. He presents his thoughts on the subject. Obviously the advise seems more for the younger crowd. 

Colombian businesses and death squads

In his book, 100 Years of Solitude, author Gabriel Garcia Marquez writes about how government forces linked with the company killed banana workers striking for better working conditions. Chiquita Brands, a U.S. company was fined many years later for financing right-wing paramilitary death squads. Now a report by the think tank Dejusticia shows there are over 862 Colombian businesses involved in supporting death squads. A group from Oxford University and other investigators wrote the 120 page report. It is written in Spanish and the pdf file is available to read HERE. 


World Cup fever ramping up

 We already mentioned in a previous newsletter that the Americans are out, but the Colombians are in. In Bogota the yellow World Cup Jerseys are selling like hot cakes. But what Colombians should Americans take an interest in? Well, Colombian Reports came up with players to keep your eye on. Check out their article, 5 European-based Colombia players to keep an eye on ahead of World Cup 2018.  For those not following the warm up games you should know that the South American team beat France and tied Australia. Though they really had the Aussies on the ropes much of the time.

Did Plan Colombia money contribute?

Though it was only to last five years when President Clinton initiated Plan Colombia it lasted much longer and consumed over $7 billion dollars of American taxpayer money. Not to mention the U.S. General Accounting Office called it a failure. Anyway now news is saying that Colombian generals have been embezzling over $2 million a year using fake informants.

Colombian growth in 2017

Reuters reported that the GDP in Colombia grew, but the growth was the lowest the country has had in eight years. 2018 is expected to be better. You can read the entire article HERE

Close to finding Pablo Escobar's hidden billions

According to an article by John Smithies for Epoch Times one of the drug kings sunken subs has been found.  That has given hope for location of perhaps $70 Billion being found.

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