Colombian women, culinary experience, Medellin rental prices & more
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Great Things From Colombia

A culinary experience, sinners responsible for coffee, rental prices in Medellin, beating depression, great food & more.

Buenos días <<First Name>>

As I write this Graciela is still in Switzerland. By my estimate she must have over 1,000 photos in her camera.  Many, of course, are probably of the new grandson.  But the others are of Switzerland and she has promised to share with readers.

 Bottom line for now is that you get me again writing the newsletter without censorship.  Naturally I will start out the first tidbit of information about the beautiful women in the country.

ColOmbian Women Are Drop-Dead Gorgeous
That is one of the lines in a blog written by Anthony. The guy has visited 50 countries and he makes that comment only about Colombian mujeres (women). His writing style is unique and edgy. In his article about Colombia  is covered much more information for those wanting to know more about the country.  Check out his blog. I guarantee you will enjoy his sense of humor. 

U.S. reporting money to Colombia
According to Colombia Reports, the USA will start reporting to Colombia any person responsible for paying taxes in Colombia and who also has $50,000 (USD) or more in an American bank.  Whoa and check out the penalties for any individual not reporting it to the Colombian tax collectors. Read more about that HERE.  And for those with money in Colombia who want all the legal mumble jumbo about the FACTA, you can read that HERE.

"The unexpected culinary experience"
That is written in a new restaurant blog by Karen over at Flavors of Bogotá.  Read SHHHH! SPEAKEASY, PLEASE to find out where this unique place is and why there is much more to it than the food.

0.4% of the population of Colombia owns more than 52% of the best farmland
The comment is in an article by telesur about the country's comptroller accusing former President Alvaro Uribe of land grabbing.  HERE is the article on telesur.

Learn more about the town of Jardín
Courtenay Strickland over at the blogsite of Barranquilla or Bust brings to the reader photos and information about this town near Medellin. Friday Fotos: Jardín – Antioquia’s Semi-Secret Garden. It is an interesting view from a 37 year-old preacher's daughter who left Miami to live in Colombia.  

Gluten-free banana pancakes to cure homesickness?
Erin Donaldson (another American expat living in Colombia) writes honestly and with feeling at her blogsite of Open Minded Traveler. In her post My Favorite Homesickness Remedy: Gluten-Free Banana Pancakes she not only talks about how the food lifts her spirits, but she includes an excellent recipe.

Colombia's coffee business started because people sinned
Yes, there is a relationship between the country being 95% catholic and the coffee business. Sarah Duncan's blog piece entitled "The Colombian coffee triangle and the history of coffee in the country" explains the connection.

How much to rent an apartment in Medellin, Colombia?
The blog site of Medellin Living released their annual report of apartment rental prices, 2017 Update: Medellín Furnished Apartments Rental Costs. Remember that price has much to do with the estrato. For the basics of that you can read our blog HERE.  

$5.7 Billion in Tourism
Finance Colombia reported that over 2.5 million people visited the country in 2016 bringing in $5.7 billion (USD) in revenue. The article quotes the World Economic Forum as saying, "Combining the lively atmosphere with its rich natural environment makes Colombia a destination capable of attracting different types of tourists,”

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