Number 1506  - Newsletter June 2015
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We're Back

Things happened

Michael:  Yes, it's a newsletter. I know many months have passed by since you have seen such a thing from us. Well, it is my fault and not my wife's fault. I fat fingered (as they say) a link while designing the website and wiped out the over 1,000 name newsletter list. All of that would have been back up sooner, except that experiences with the Colombian medical system kept me from working at full speed. And that will be written about in the future.

Back in the pink now, but decided as long as I am fixing things that we should use a new newsletter service. Rebuilding the name list has not been easy and we are still short some. If you know anyone who would like to be included that we missed, there is a sign-up form on the blogsite.

Graciela:  Not happy with the results of Michael's misplaced finger, but I smile a little that it was my husband who made the error. Have not heard him tell me, "You pushed the wrong button," since that time.

We have much to catch up on. Many new articles have been published. But let's take a look at a few of them.

Is Gringo a Derogatory Word in Colombia?
A reader wrote telling me that he would not visit Colombia because they call Americans "Gringo." I and others take a different look at the word.   Read More Here
We left Bogota. Find out why and where.  Read more here
You see this statue on roads throughout Colombia. Ever wonder why and what the story is?  Read More Here
What is the story behind this naked man in the central park?  Read More Here.
Food so good that you cannot stop eating. Read More Here.
Y en español aqui
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