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Colombia's Beautiful Women and More

Our April 2017 Newsletter

By Michael

Yes <<First Name>>, Graciela is still in Switzerland, so you get me writing the newsletter again as she has her hands full in the other country. 

Visited 26 countries and picked Colombia for retirement - Over at the blog, Medellin Living,  guest blogger John S. wrote why he chose that Colombian city to retire in. Personally I can't blame him. It has many great things going for it.  Read HERE about the many reasons John chose the city. But on the downside air pollution is a problem. You can read about how bad it is HERE.

American public duped? -  $10 billion (almost $100 out of each U.S. taxpayers pocket) later and things are worse - Clinton started it against the advice of drug experts. Bush continued it despite numbers showing it did the opposite of what it was suppose to do plus contributed to corruption. The FARC, which many blamed as the largest producers have disbanded. Yet  Colombia Reports  in their article, The Plan Colombia flop: 17 years and $10B later, coca in Colombia up 38%. looks at what is happening.

New book by one of our favorite bloggers - Seems like every month we have something from fellow Colombian blogger, Karen Attman. She has reached a new level now with her book about speciality coffee in Colombia. If you are a coffee aficionado then this should be in your library. Check out Permission to Slurp on Amazon.

A beautiful hike in Colombia - The days of my wife and I hiking long distances are behind us. Though I must admit to always enjoying those long treks in my younger years. Fortunately for our readers Sonja Bricker wrote for Medellin Living, Minca: a Hikers Paradise in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada Coastal Mountain Range. Well written with beautiful photos she is convincing in enticing others to follow her footsteps.

Colombia by far not the happiest country in the world -  For years Colombians have touted the international report that year after year says they are the happiest country in the world. I always wondered about the equation for that one. Life expectancy + subjective happiness divided by the rate at which the country uses natural resources.  But now Science Alert tells a different story. Of the 53 countries they rated, Colombia comes in at number 31. What happened. Well their formula calculates in such things as GDP per capita and corruption. At least the beer is still cheap and noise abatement laws for the loud music are rarely, if ever, enforced. Therefore, I see many Colombians very happy.

A writer of the people and for the people dies - It is not quite about Colombia, but this blog is about writing. March 20, 2017 James Earle "Jimmy"  Beslin died at that age of 86. Newspapers around the world reported the death of the columnist who wrote of and for the common working man. I would like to see a Colombian columnist like Besslin. 

"The South American country is famed for producing the some of the world’s most stunning beauty contestants." - That is what The Sun, a newspaper from the United Kingdom, said about Colombia's recent beauty pageant. Laura Gonzalez won amid intense competition. One must remember that in the last few years Miss Colombia always finishes either the winner or near the top. Check out some of the photos of this year's winner in the Sun's article, KNOCK OUT ROUND Miss Colombia winner Laura González Ospina looks ecstatic as she triumphs in battle of the babes ahead of Miss Universe final. What to you think are her chances in Miss Universe contest. 

Largest vertical garden in world in Colombia - Nine stories and over 115,000 plants. Check out this Youtube video of an entire building growing green. Watch also to see the unique way they water those plants.

Getting your money in Colombia - I learned about getting and keeping money in Colombia through the school of hard knocks. Last month we featured in this newsletter an article by the blogger Sarepa. This month Jeff writes for Medellin Living, 2017 Update: Exchanging Money and Avoiding Counterfeits in Colombia.  

Over 250 dead in mudslide in Macao - Terrible tragedy and I am sure there will be much finger pointing going on.  An emotional writing about the event is on BBC, Colombia landslide: Dozens of children among the dead  

One man's story of at the age of 44 quitting a good paying job and traveling the world - In his blog covering his transition from corporate big wig to traveling nomad, Frank reflects on many things about the change. This was not just him, but also his wife. Frank covers almost all questions one asks themselves before venturing on such an adventure. The couple have been touring the world now for three years. Did they make the correct decision. Read the blog, Flashback to 2008…and thoughts on life changes, to  find out.  

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