This Earth Month, YOU can start a movement
Earth Day 2021 

Sadly, Earth Day has become more of a greenwashing opportunity than a solution to environmental destruction.  Why? Because devoting a mere 24 hours to “being green” may do little more than distract us from the 364 remaining days of the year when we should act as well. We need new strategies that drive environmental awareness into everyday life if we hope to address the enormous challenges of climate change.

Let’s make new ways to create a movement, not just a moment!  Here are steps anyone can take to help build our movement in San Leandro:

Find out more. Here is where “Earth Month” activities in San Leandro CAN help!  The City and Library has done a great job of providing a series of events to help you get a good understanding of where we are today with regards to the environment, and what you can do to help build a MOVEMENT in San Leandro.  Whether you are 5 or 85, there are events and information to help you make a difference.

Talk to someone.  Another step you can take is to start a conversation.  Don’t wait for someone else.  It doesn’t matter if you are a leader or a follower, just start a conversation about a few things you read about or events you attended.  You may just find some like-minded people or even new friends, who can join you in taking action.

Make your voice heard.  Attend a City Council meeting and give public comment on an issue you care about.  This is still one of the most effective ways of affecting change in San Leandro.  Write your comments down and read them at the beginning of the meeting.  It is easy to do, and your voice needs to be heard.   Your idea may just be the creative light bulb that will spark action in our city council members.

Stay up to date with the City’s Climate Action Plan and keep our City Leaders accountable to take the “Action” that is needed for the plan.  You can start by attending the Climate Plan Update session put on by our Sustainability Office on April 8.  Find out what the plan calls for and add your voice to the call for concrete steps needed to execute it.

From Model T to Electric Chevy Volt
The Incredible Journey of a San Leandro Centenarian 

“I’m overwhelmed to drive something like this! After living through the Great Depression and Pearl Harbor, next thing you know they will be sending me to the moon!” That’s how 101-year-old San Leandro resident, Mickey Ganitch, felt sitting in the driver’s seat of his new, all-electric Chevy Volt. It’s been quite a ride these last 101 years!

Born on an Ohio farm in 1919, Mickey was the 12th of 14 children—now he is the last remaining sibling. In 1941 he joined the Navy and headed to Pearl Harbor. On that fateful day of December 7th, Mickey was suited up for a football game with seamen from the USS Arizona. Then the Japanese attack began, and instead of playing football, Mickey had a bird’s eye view of the horrific attack from his battle-station in the crow’s nest, 70 feet above the main deck of the USS Pennsylvania.

Mickey went on to fight in every major Pacific battle, his ship never sustaining a direct hit after Pearl Harbor—until the day before the war ended. That day, Mickey headed off to find a quiet location to write a letter when a torpedo hit where Mickey would normally be stationed, except that he was elsewhere, writing to one of his nine sisters. He lost 26 of his crew members that day. Mickey went on to serve in the Korean War and ended his Navy career at Alameda Naval Air Station. Never one to slow down and always ready to be of service, Mickey has a full plate of volunteer activities that still keep him very busy. Read more About Mickey and his new EV

San Leandro 2050 Online Open House Series
Our Spring Open House Events are coming up at the end of March. We want to hear more about what residents in our neighborhoods of interest think about air quality and climate change issues, so please join us to give your opinions.  Stay tuned for more dates later in April and May!  Register Now!

Gardening for the Climate

It may seem that gardening has little to do with climate action—after all, isn’t it about reducing fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions? Well, it is indeed, and what we do in our yards can cut down on both! There’s the obvious part: plants take carbon dioxide out of the air as they grow. But more importantly, the soil can absorb lots of carbon—if we let it! That’s because plants turn carbon dioxide into carbohydrates and send a good amount of those into the soil to feed fungi and microorganisms. Those in turn provide the plants with certain nutrients from the soil. In the process they create humus—the dark brown matter in good soil—which is 60% carbon. The result: carbon dioxide gets locked away in the soil in the form of humus. It’s even got a name: carbon farming (or gardening).

However, the way the soil is treated hugely affects how much humus can form. For example, disturbing the soil by tilling and plowing exposes the soil’s microorganisms to oxygen and sunlight, releasing carbon back into the air. That’s why organic gardeners recommend “no dig” gardening that helps keep those essential microorganisms happy. Another enemy of carbon farming is the use of synthetic fertilizer. For one thing, it’s made from fossil fuels. But in addition, it is like fast food for plants, injecting the roots and the microorganisms in the soil with a sudden mega dose of nutrients that causes a spike in growth, but disrupts the interaction between roots and soil creatures. Using compost instead feeds plants much more slowly, enhancing the soil’s ability to store carbon. In addition, we end up with happier, healthier plants! And isn’t that what we want in our gardens anyway?

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