GREEN! The Color that goes with EVERYTHING!

It's Spring and green is everywhere!

If you're like me, you're not only getting more green in your daily activities, but you're also loading up once a week on greens in your grocery cart.

But what if you bought more than you think you can use at your last trip out in the world and are you now wondering if you're going to be able to eat it all before it goes bad?

Well, you can always cook and freeze. Then, if you can't go out, of course, you'll have it. Or, you can put them in a smoothie if they're starting to look like they aren't going to make it.

Another way to make sure we use the produce we bought is to include it at every meal! Novel idea.


When you start your day with green vegetables in your breakfast, you're getting a jump start on your nutrition for the day!

Asparagus is in season and is delicious when roasted or broiled and served with poached eggs.

Sautéed spinach or kale, or any dark leafy green, can be incorporated into an omelette. It's also delicious on top of brown rice and organic tofu.

Avocado toast is fast, simple and filled with nutrients. Top it with micro greens, sprouts, tomatoes.. anything you have handy and you've just saved yourself $10+ at the restaurant that we aren't going to.

How about taking some chopped up (cooked or raw) spinach or kale with minced onions and/or garlic, blend it with some cream cheese and spread it on a piece of toast.

Frittatas or egg bites are both good ways to use up a bunch of veggies and you can freeze the leftovers too.

Many of these items would benefit from a good dose of Power Pesto!!

And of course, you can always toss a bunch of leafy greens into a Creamsicle smoothie! 


Well, the breakfast options would work here too, but also, how about a nice, green salad.

Change it up a bit. Try to use greens that you may not normally put in your salad. If you have kale, chop it up to make it more tender... You can  massage it with a little olive oil until it turns shiny to soften it and reduce the bitterness, but I find that if I chop it fine and then toss it with my salad, it works great. I usually like to use Lacinto kale for this, but the curly version works too.

Spinach and chard are also great additions to the mix!

And of course, add a piece of toasted Almond Bread spread with some Power Hummus and you will be over the top healthy! All while enjoying a delicious meal.


Back to the salad bowl. ..
You can add fresh peas (I prefer them raw) for color and texture as well as a good amount of protein.
Garbanzos and whole grains - make a Mediterranean bowl.
Black beans, corn, rice - voila, Mexican bowl.
Add a piece of grilled or roasted salmon, fancy-shmancy Salmon Salad.

Shelled Edamame (green soybeans) are another item to toss in your salad. Bean sprouts, pea pods and some whole wheat noodles make this a delicious salad. Dress it with amino acids and sesame oil to complete the dish.

Broccoli can be steamed, sautéed, made into soups, chopped up and put into patties (with some egg and cheese and seasonings...) or even used as a base for pizza (similar to cauliflower crust.) And it lasts a bit longer in the fridge than those fragile greens.

Zucchini can be made into "zoodles" (zucchini noodles) by either using a spiralizer or, if you don't have one, a vegetable peeler will do it too. You can slightly steam them to make them more pliable (not too much or they'll get mushy) or you can use them raw. They can be tossed with any sauce you would use with pasta.  
You can also roast zucchini with olive oil and salt (roast at 350 or lower to keep the olive oil from turning toxic) or you can serve it sautéed or steamed.


You can increase your nutrition by enjoying healthy snacks.

Avocado can be made into pudding and shakes (especially good when paired with chocolate.) The richness of this fruit is very satisfying. 

Green grapes - who doesn't like grapes? Have you had them frozen?

Kale chips will use up those greens before they go bad.

Kiwi is sweet and delicious.

So, you see, you CAN incorporate that fresh produce into every meal and not only increase your nutrition, but also, when we're trying to limit our shopping trips, it would be a shame to see anything go bad before we can use it up.


- Barbara
Asparagus is high in vitamin K and folate. 
Avocados are a great source of vitamins C, E, K, and B-6,and omega-3 fatty acids
Bell Peppers are a good source of vitamin C.
Broccoli is high in vitamin C and potassium.
Chard is an excellent source of fiber, vitamin K (just one large leaf has four times the daily requirement), vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, magnesium, and manganese. 
Grapes are high in potassium and include vitamins C and K.
Kale is an excellent source of vitamin A, C, K, B6, calcium, potassium and maganese.
Kiwi is full of vitamin C and potassium.
Peas provide protein, and vitamin C.
Spinach packs high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin K, and calcium, as well as a great source of iron, (hello Popeye) and includes calcium, potassium and magnesium. 
Zucchini is high in vitamin A. It also has vitamin C and zinc, among other vitamins.

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