November 2016


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SAVE THE DATE: Febuary 9th 2017, the 'When is it too expensive' conference will be held at Erasmus University with Karl Claxton, Werner Brouwer, Ad Antonisse and many more. Find out more about the program and register here. Be quick, because the room is filling up. And it is all about setting limits.. or is it?

Highlighted publications

Please find below a selection of publications since our previous October newsletter:

- Westgeest et al. Differences in Trial and Real-world Populations in the Dutch Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer Registry (European Urology Focus)
- Jonker et al. Are Health State Valuations from the General Public Biased? A Test of Health State Reference Dependency Using Self-assessed Health and an Efficient Discrete Choice Experiment  (Health Economics)
- [DUTCH] Versteegh, M.M. Doelmatige gezondheidszorg: hoe besteden we onze euro's het beste? In "De dokter en het geld" Levi, M.M. (Red.). Diagnosis uitgevers, 2016.

New tools online: costing tool

We have updated the 'tools' section of the website with a costing tool that contains reference prices for a broad range of health care services in The Netherlands. Costing tool currently in Dutch only. Find all tools here. Note that we expect to update the iDBC to include confidence intervals and 6 more countries in the beginning of 2017.

PhD Dissertations

Tim Kanters. Health Technology Assessment of Orphan Drugs: the example of Pompe disease. December 8th 2016.

Defended in 2016: full text available in links below.
Saskia de Groot. Evidence from clinical practice to support healthcare decision making.
Sofie Wouters: Absolutely Relative: on the value of health outcomes.
Maria Gheorghe: Quantitative approaches in monitoring population quality of life.
David Rappange: Future Health: a policy and individual perspective.
Liesbet Lawerman-van de Wetering: Valuing and refining health outcome measures for economic evaluations in health care.
Leander Buisman: Early cost-effectiveness of medical tests in rheumatoid arthritis and ischemic stroke.

iMTA App

Curious to see what iMTA does and see some of the highlights that we have been working on for the past years? We developed the iMTA app in honour of our 25-year existence. Download the iMTA app on your iPAD by linking to the itunes store here




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