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The HCAOA Weekly is a brief update that will be distributed to HCAOA members each week. This communication complements our quarterly newsletter, The Voice, and will provide a vehicle for ensuring a regular flow of information on a more frequent basis. With ever evolving information in the home care industry, we want to ensure the lines of communication remain open and members have a source for quick, valuable news at their fingertips.
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Member News

NRMLA Third Annual Reverse Mortgage Education Week

Webinar Moderated by HCAOA Executive Director, Phil Bongiorno
Last week, the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) hosted its third annual Reverse Mortgage Education Week. Throughout the week, NRMLA presented a series of free informational webinars for older homeowners, their loved ones, and the professionals who provide services to meet their retirement needs. During each online seminar, experts explained scenarios when home equity can be used to supplement savings and support aging in place. 
HCAOA Executive Director, Phil Bongiorno served as the moderator for one of the week’s webinars – Client Strategies for Managing the Cost of Home Care. The webinar also featured speakers Nancy Avitabile, owner and care manager at Urban Eldercare, and Lorraine Geraci, a member of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association's Education Committee. The panel discussed the value of professional home care, and the financial resources and options clients can use to pay for the care they need in their own homes.
Click here to view additional webinars from the 2018 NRMLA Reverse Mortgage Education Week.

2018 HCAOA Annual Leadership Conference

Secure Your Exhibit Booth and Sponsorship Packages!
Made up of over 2,700 business owners from communities across the country, HCAOA members represent millions of dollars in purchasing power each year. If you are a company that serves the home care market, you don't want to miss the opportunity to interact directly with company decision makers at an event that is guaranteed to attract top home care industry leaders.
The conference allows you to simultaneously introduce your company's latest products and services, and gain valuable feedback from potential customers. This ability to reach an ever-expanding audience can cultivate new leads, increase sales metrics and help your company build new relationships.
To learn more about exhibit and sponsorship opportunities, please see the 2018 Annual Leadership Conference Sponsorship Prospectus.
We look forward to seeing you in Washington, DC this fall!

HCAOA Webinars

Please see the following scheduled HCAOA webinars – registration links are included below!
Growth Strategies for Blowing Out Your Number in 2018

Speaker: Melanie Stover, Home Care Sales

Date and Time: May 8 at 3:00pm EST

Description: In today’s market, disruption is requiring salespeople to shift from “managing” accounts to leading accounts. If your sales team isn’t making this shift, you are likely falling behind. Sales Executives must sell differently and smarter in order to create demand and drive growth in both existing and new referral sources. They must learn what referral source’s value more in the new marketplace that is developing. Learn ways to teach your sales reps how to: 
  • Challenge your referral sources’ thinking 
  • Proactively bring new and innovative ideas to your referral sources 
  • Provide your referral sources with thought leadership 
  • Create demand and drive growth by uncovering possibilities unknown to your referral sources
Click here to register for this webinar.

The Impact of Client Driven Growth – Best Practices from the 2018 Benchmarking Study and Beyond

Speaker: Aaron Marcum, Home Care Pulse
Date and Time: May 22 at 3:00pm EST

Description: Are your clients your #1 referral source? In this engaging session, Aaron Marcum, Founder and CEO of Home Care Pulse, will discuss strategies on how you create the ultimate Client Experience, which will boost referrals and the overall lifetime value of each client. Home Care Pulse has conducted research on this topic for nearly 10-years and they have found that The Client Experience has a direct impact on the long-term growth among home care providers. Aaron will share best practices from Best of Home Care award winners, data from the new 2018 Home Care Benchmarking Study, and draw upon his own experience as a former successful home care owner. Attendees will come away with actionable ideas that will help them develop a client driven growth strategy and create a competitive edge in their marketplace. 

Click here to register for this webinar.

Successful Sales Management
Speaker: Melanie Stover, Home Care Sales
Date and Time: May 29 at 3:00pm EST
Description: Join this webinar to learn:
  • The best sales tactics 
  • Proper techniques for on boarding new employees 
  • Developing coaching plans to improve individual and team performance 
  • Properly managing, supervising and motivating your people 
  • Generate a playbook for your company success 
In addition, all participants will receive an opportunity to benchmark sales team competencies. 

Click here to register for this webinar.

Conquering the Crisis: Proven Solutions for Caregiver Recruiting and Retention

Speaker: Stephen Tweed, Leading Home Care
Date and Time: June 12 at 3:00pm EST

Description: In this interactive presentation, Stephen Tweed will describe the magnitude of this crisis. He’ll explore how it is negatively affecting you, your team members, and your agency. He will explain the latest research that is being conducted by Leading Home Care to define the problem, develop a solution, and present a system to conquer the crisis. Stephen will lead you through The Seven Step Caregiver Solution System, and describe in detail how to make this work. He’ll give you specific examples of how leading companies are renewing, revitalizing, and rejuvenating their talent attraction processes. As a result of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Describe the magnitude of the crisis and its causes. 
  • Explore the most effective long-term solution 
  • Create a Culture of Attraction and Accomplishment 
  • Apply The Seven-step Caregiver Solution System. 
HCAOA members can order a copy of Tweed’s book by the same title at Leading Home Care will offer HCAOA members who attend the webinar a 20% discount on either the hard cover or soft cover editions of the book. Please use the following coupon code, “HCAOA2018” to take advantage of this discount. 

Click here to register for this webinar.

The Top Ten Tech To-Dos of the Highly Successful Home Care Agency


  • Marissa Snook, Managing Director, corecubed
  • Amy Selle, Managing Director, corecubed 
  • Stacie Gillespie, SEO Manager, corecubed
Date and Time: September 5 at 3:00pm EST 
Description: Totally married to change, our healthcare at home landscape is evolving as demographics shift towards more people reaching the age where care might be needed, and as technology jumps ahead with social and business integration and solutions. What are the most important things to do that make the most impact for a successful home care agency? Attend this webinar to learn:
  • To emphasize the expanding role that technology plays in reaching and connecting with potential clients, referral sources and the public
  • To define the best practices in digital marketing, and how those practices integrate with agency operations for maximum success 
  • To present a clear diagram of a strategy for success using technology as a tool for reaching and securing new clients and referral sources.
Click here to register for this webinar.

2018 Home Care Benchmarking Study

Get the latest insights, trends, and analyses of the private duty home care industry. For the 9th year, Home Care Pulse has partnered with the HCAOA to produce the most comprehensive national study for the industry. The study includes reports on finance, sales & marketing, operations, recruiting & retention, and client experience aspects of home care businesses. It also includes articles from industry experts providing, their insight on successfully navigating through the challenges home care owners are facing and on positive trends impacting home care.
Click here to order your copy today!
Chapter News

HCAOA Connecticut

Several Anti-Business Bills Remain on Lawmakers’ Desks

As the legislative session winds down and the Connecticut General Assembly approaches its May 9 adjournment, several significant anti-business bills remain on lawmakers’ desks.
They include:
  • Paid family and medical leave act (HB 5387)
  • Expansion of paid sick leave (HB 5044)
  • Increase in the minimum wage (HB 5388)
  • Expansion of workplace harassment prevention training requirements (SB 132)
HCAOA Connecticut is part of a coalition of business organizations opposing these bills, which would impose additional mandates in the workplace, raise costs for businesses and threaten the state’s fragile business climate. The Business Coalition includes the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, Connecticut Restaurant Association, Connecticut Retail Merchants Association, Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Connecticut and the Insurance Association of Connecticut.
“We’re still struggling to regain the jobs lost in the recession and lagging most other states in economic growth,” said CBIA president and CEO Joe Brennan, “so we should be unleashing the ability of employers to be successful, grow their businesses, and create more jobs. Instead, we're holding them back by proposing new workplace mandates and cost burdens.”
HCAOA Connecticut will continue to fight these anti-business measures to help improve the business climate in the state for home care companies and owners, their workers and the seniors they serve.

HCAOA California

As many of you know, Assembly Member Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) has reintroduced his measure to require the Department of Social Services to give upon request by labor unions the following information of ALL home care aides registered in California:
  • Name
  • Phone numbers and mobile phone numbers
  • Registration expiration date
  • Background examination status
  • Registration expiration date
This information would be given to requesting labor unions for the specific purpose of "employee organizing, representation, and assistance activities," unless the registered home care aide takes an affirmative step to opt-out of their information being given. Unless the home care aide remembers to opt out, there is nothing in the bill limiting the number of times he/she could be contacted, or the hours when contact may occur.
Gov. Brown vetoed similar legislation in October 2017, and the author claims he has addressed the Governor's concerns by only applying this to newly registered home care aides and all renewals going forward.
AB 2455 passed the Assembly Human Services Committee this past on April 24, despite opposition by HCAOA, the California Association for Health Services At Home (CAHSAH), the Alliance Supporting Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and others. Click here to view the hearing, select the 4/24/2018 hearing of the Assembly Human Services Committee and go to the 23-minute mark. HCAOA's opposition testimony begins at the 34:24 mark of the hearing.
Just as we did last year, HCAOA strongly opposes this legislation, believing this bill represents a substantial invasion of home care aides' privacy, and because there is no compelling interest in the State being forced to turn over this private contact information.
The bill will next be heard by the Assembly Appropriations Committee, where it will likely pass before going to the Assembly Floor for debate.
Another very compelling argument was brought forth by a significant Sacramento region-based domestic violence organization, Women Escaping A Violent Environment (WEAVE), though its letter only reached the committee the day of the hearing. In her letter, WEAVE CEO Beth Hassett wrote:
"Requiring the disclosure of any private worker's...telephone number maintained in confidence by the State of California for compliance purposes is a breathtaking invasion of his or her constitutional right to privacy."
We need to pull together significant grassroots efforts aimed at Democrats that will vote on AB 2455 on the Assembly Floor. We are asking for your help in the following activities:
  • Contact your legislator's office in Sacramento and urge him/her to oppose AB 2455. If you're not sure who your legislator is, go to and enter your information. Then, call/write their office and ask that your call/letter be directed to the staff that handles Human Services issues. You can contact their office via phone by calling (916) 319-20__, with the last two digits being the district of your Assembly Member. Letters can be directed to "The Honorable First Name Last Name, CA State Assembly, State Capitol, Sacramento, CA, 95814."
  • Work with other Home Care business owners in your region to reach out to local nonprofit organizations that serve victims of domestic violence and bring this to their attention, urging them to oppose AB 2455. Let us know if you need a copy of the WEAVE opposition letter to share with them. Also, urge them to contact your area's legislators urging opposition to AB 2455.
  • Organize a meeting with your representative by contacting their district office and requesting such a meeting, inviting other Home Care business owners in your area to join you. Legislators are usually home in their districts for meetings on Thursday afternoons and all of Friday. If you do schedule a meeting and would like to do a pre-briefing prior to your meeting, please let us know and we'll arrange a call with our California lobbying team.
  • Consider sharing this with your home care aides. Obviously, you cannot direct them to participate in this effort, but they may wish to, in which case you may share with them how they may do so.
Please let us know if you have any questions. In advance, thank you for your efforts on this matter. HCAOA is here to work for you!

HCAOA Illinois

May Chapter Meeting
HCAOA Illinois will be hosting a special meeting on Tuesday, May 15. Meet with officials from IDPH, and receive a legislative update, in addition to updates on chapter news and activities.
We are expecting a larger than average crowd, so please register ahead of time using the link below.
Attendees will also have the opportunity to:
  • Meet Jack Fleeharty, new IDPH Director, Home Nursing & Home Services Agency Licensing Program
  • Hear from Kendra Fabish, RN, Central Office Supervisor, IDPH
  • Learn more about important topics, such as:
    • U.S. Department of Labor opinion letter on live-in care
    • Alzheimer's training bill in Illinois
    • Standardized live-in timesheet for your protection
Date: Tuesday, May 15
Time: 9:30 am - 11:00 am Central
Location: Wilder Mansion, 211 S. Prospect Avenue, Elmhurst, IL 60126
Cost: Free for chapter members
Attend this meeting in-person or participate via phone! 
If you have any questions please contact Manager of Chapter Services, Nataly Schwartz at or 202-508-3872.

Click here to register!

HCAOA Washington

Blooming with the Bloomers Conference

The annual HCAOA Washington (WAHCA) Blooming with the Bloomers Conference took place today and yesterday in Seattle, Washington. The conference opened Tuesday morning with a welcome from WAHCA Conference Chair and HCAOA Board Member, Jeff Wiberg. Wiberg welcomed close to 100 attendees and thanked the many exhibitors and sponsors.

Jeff Wiberg welcoming attendees.
The first session was presented by Adam White who spoke to attendees about how to lead by permission, not position. One of the main points of White’s talk was that “leadership greatness is not measured by how many people serve them, but by how many people a leader serves.”
Adam White addressing the audience.
Four breakout sessions followed White’s presentation, which were all well attended. After lunch, attendees heard from Amy Schmidt on how to manage employees from different generations. This was followed by a talk on employment law by Bryan O’Connor, as well as a talk on the key elements of success by James Alberson. The day ended with a cocktail hour where attendees networked with exhibitors and other home care providers.
The second day of the conference opened with a presentation from Bob King on the importance of service agreements. This was followed by the WAHCA Caregiver of the Year Award which was awarded to Patricia Ornelas with Family Home Care in Palouse.
Patricia Ornelas accepting the Caregiver of the Year Award.
Attendees then received a Washington State legislative update by chapter lobbyist Leslie Emerick. After a number of breakout sessions which included topics ranging from the art of listening to internet marketing and social media management, attendees came together for a general session from John Hilger of the Washington State Department of Health who answered questions about compliance and changes to DOH rules. The day ended with a giveaway of prizes donated by sponsors and exhibitors.

HCAOA Georgia

Save the Date!
Please save the date for the next HCAOA Georgia Chapter Meeting. 

When: Thursday, June 14 at 10am
Where: The Georgian Terrace Hotel | 659 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 

More information to follow soon!
Congressional Update

CMS Issues Guidance Memo to Medicare Advantage Plans on Supplemental Benefits

On April 27 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a memorandum to Medicare Advantage plans on the Medicare agency’s new interpretation of what’s acceptable to offer as a supplemental benefit to enrollees. The ability to offer attractive supplemental benefits can have a major impact on a plan’s enrollment.
CMS expanded the scope of the supplemental benefits that plans may offer starting in 2019, but the benefits must still focus on an enrollee’s health care needs. The more specific guidance in the memo affirms that “In order for CMS to approve a supplemental benefit, the benefit must focus directly on an enrollee’s health care needs and be recommended by a licensed medical professional as part of a care plan, if not directly provided by one.”
The memorandum provided further guidance on in-home support services, support for caregivers of enrollees, home and bathroom safety devices and modifications, and transportation for enrollees. With respect to in-home support services, the memorandum states that “ must be provided by individuals licensed by the state to provide personal care services, or in a manner that is otherwise consistent with state requirements.”
With respect to support for caregivers of enrollees, the memorandum states that “Respite care provided through a personal care attendant or the provision of short-term institutional-based care, as appropriate, to ameliorate the enrollees’ injuries or health conditions, or reduce the enrollees’ avoidable emergency and healthcare utilization. Respite care should be for short periods of time (e.g., a few hours each week, a two-week period, a four-week period) and may include services such as counseling and training courses for caregivers of enrollees.”
Regarding home & bathroom safety devices & modifications, the memorandum states that MA plans can offer non-Medicare-covered safety devices to prevent injuries in the home and/or bathroom. Plans may also offer installation. Home modifications must not include items or services that are capital or structural improvements to the home of the enrollee (e.g., easy use door knobs and faucets, permanent ramps, and widening hallways or doorways). In addition, items such as smoke detectors and fire alarms are not permitted.
With respect to transportation, the memorandum allows for enrollee transportation to obtain non-emergent, covered Part A, Part B, Part D, and supplemental benefit items and services to accommodate the enrollee’s health care needs. For example, transportation for physician office visits. Transportation must be arranged, or directly provided, by the plan and may not be used to transport enrollees for purposes that are not health related. The plans also may include a health aide to assist the enrollee to and from the destination. Transportation is limited to the provision of medical services and may not be for items and services such as groceries or banking.

HCAOA is continuing to monitor this issue on behalf of our members. If you have any questions, please contact
Congressional Corner

Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY)

Joseph Crowley, in the House Democratic leadership for more than a decade, has been one of the party’s top campaign fundraisers and is seen as a potential successor to current leaders in the Democratic Party. Beginning in 2003, with his selection as a chief deputy whip, Crowley has slowly worked his way up the lower and middle rungs of the leadership ladder. He was elected chairman of the House Democratic Caucus for the 115th Congress after serving as vice chairman in the two previous congresses.
He has a garrulous personality to match his burly, 6-foot-5 frame. He’s generally well-liked by friend and foe alike. As chairman of the caucus, the fourth-ranking position in House Democratic leadership, he also claims a spot on the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, which makes committee assignments.
Crowley has had a seat on the Ways and Means Committee since 2007, and served as chairman of the New Democrat Coalition of House centrists in the 111th and 112th Congresses. In the 113th Congress, Crowley, looking to work his way up the leadership ranks, dropped his affiliation with the coalition of moderates.
Crowley, who majored in communications and political science in college, entered politics at age 24, when he was elected to a seat in the state Assembly. He spent 12 years in the legislature. He was influenced by his uncle, Walter Crowley, who served on the New York City Council, and his House predecessor, Thomas J. Manton. When Manton decided to retire in 1998, he did so only a few days after he had filed for re-election. That left it up to local party officials, including Manton, to name a replacement candidate and, with Manton endorsing Crowley, his nomination was assured.
In the solidly Democratic district, he sailed to an easy victory in November and has had no electoral difficulties since. Crowley is chairman of the Queens Democratic Party organization, again following in Manton’s footsteps.

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