Hello Exodus supporters,
Welcome to EYW Newsletter #3 of 2015. As always, Exodus is always trying new things and keeping active within the community, and April and March have been no exception. But with exciting changes comes the need for more assistance, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who lend a helping hand with all of our programs, meetings and events. Also a big thank you for all your prayers, as always, we have definitely felt the Lord’s presence these past couple of months.
“And so the voices at the margins get heard, and the circle of compassion widens. Souls feeling their worth, refusing to forget that we belong to Each other. No bullet can pierce this, The vision still has its time, and yes, it presses on to fulfilment. I will not disappoint. And yet, if it delays, we can surely wait for it.” Tattoos On The Heart – Fr. Gregory Boyle

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EYW is always looking for ways to raise money for the sake of the young people we serve, and recently we’ve introduced labelled glass jars. Each jar taken and filled with coins will go toward assisting a young person, whether it be through a few hours work, a day course in their chosen field of work in order for them to gain some essential skills in whatever field they wish to become employed in or even going toward rent for the building. Every single coin these jars raise, counts, and we would not be able to do it without you! If you would like a jar, pop into our drop in centre at Rockdale, or email



On the last Saturday of every month from 10am-4pm, EYW holds a massive Roller Door Garage Sale at the Rockdale location. There are plenty of second-hand items and if you’re early enough, some brand new items at great prices! We also serve up a delicious BBQ, fresh fruit juices and sweet baked goods. Not only are all of the items and food generously donated by the community, but all of the EYW members you see on day volunteer their time to help on various stalls. This means that 100% of all that you purchase goes towards serving the youth at Exodus. If you would like to help support this monthly fundraiser by either donating goods or volunteering your time, please email Christina at



On the 26th March, Director of EYW, Debbie Armanious and Marketing Manager, Miriam Nagib met with CEO of Youth Off The Streets, Fr. Chris Riley, where they where able to discuss how organisations like Non-For-Profit groups such as EYW and Youth Off The Streets can help the disadvantaged Youth. The morning teas was centred around what exactly Youth Off The Streets does and how EYW would be able to link with them. EYW is always filled with joy when we find other people and groups who are passionate about young people, too! If you would like to help out, or have a great idea you think would benefit EYW, email Miram at


The April TTOM saw over 100 people in attendance, all gathering together for a common cause – Poetry, but also to save EYW Granville! Lately, the times have been tough for our organisation, so we (being the tough) got going, especially with TTOM being our best program! Arsanie Sawiers, long time poet and TTOM member, was feature for the month. He had brought a whole new set of poetry and blew minds away with his simple soliloquies, mind-bending metaphors and simply, his sage presence! Christopher Stanger, leader of the Humanity Worx project oversaw that Abanoub Salama and Anthony Hanna performed their work-in-progress Priest and-Homie skit, which was received warmly! Thank you to YOU, the public for believing in our young people and their passions! If you would like to assist at TTOM in anyway, email

Just search “TTOM That Time of Month Poetry Slam” to stay in the loop with upcoming events


On the 2nd of March, EYW had a fantastic guest speaker at Rockdale Monday Night Connect name Dimyana Farag. She openly and bravely spoke about one of the most difficult topics anyone could talk about, the passing of her mother. This was one of the most touching and honest Connect Meetings yet, and here is what Dimyana had to say about the experience: Exodus Youth Worx is a place where whoever you are, wherever you’re from, or whatever you’ve been through is of little consequence, and in actuality,  it is esteemed. This is something I learnt whilst leading a discussion on “loss” at a Monday night Connect. This was the first time I’d openly spoken about significant personal “losses” in my life, how they have formed who I am, and how Christ pulls me through to this day, to a room filled mainly with what were to me at that point, strangers. To say the least, this experience was phenomenal. The discussion took off; questions and answers, different experiences and perspectives filled the room as bit by bit, the all familiar “just keep it to yourself” barrier broke down. I was able to share what I used to call negative experiences within an accepting, non-judgmental, and honest forum, with the hope that sharing these could potentially assist someone else in dealing with their own personal losses. Needless to say, I feel that I had received more than I had given, as this service and its members share a spirit that is rarely experienced, yet highly sought after, and I look forward to sharing in this again in the future.—Dimyana Farag

We would like to thank Dimyana for sharing her personal story with us at Exodus, we felt very blessed to be apart of her journey. If anyone else would like to come to our Monday Night Connect meetings at Rockdale and also share their story in a safe and comfortable environment, please feel free to email Christina at


The Christian Men Fellowship (CMF) is a bible study that runs out of EYW Rockdale every Tuesday evening, with doors opening at 6pm. The study is aimed at young men aged between 18 – 26, who wish to find kinship and community with other men, through Christ and His teachings. The group reads though a book of the bible at a time, and have recently completed the book of James, highlighting faith without works, and how each go hand-in-hand.
The fellas found it quite relevant to EYW and its services.
Currently, the men are reading through the book of Matthew, if you would like to participate and join in on the fruits of the Spirit, feel free to drop in on any given Tuesday from 7pm at the Rockdale location! For more information contact Evan Kardaras at


EYW has seen an influx in young people who wish to begin in the work force, but for whatever reason, have been unable to ‘break the ice,’with their current skill set. Because of these young people, EYW has introduced the “iWork” program, that engages with young people at the Exodus Rockdale drop-in centre, no matter what level and capacity they are able, and gives them daily jobs around the drop in that need to be done. Skills learnt through this program are how to come to work on time, how to speak to fellow staff and colleagues as well as being able to deal with issues outside of work. EYW prides itself on understanding the brokenness of each and every human being and then working from the ground up to empower each young person with what they need to succeed. If you are interested in sponsoring a young person, email


One of the members of EYW for over 3 years, who has been engaging in our many programs offered, had trouble finding employment and was unsure of what he really wanted to do in the way of further education. EYW had him participate in the iWorx program which is a program that prepares people for employment. With the support of EYW and community sponsorship this young man has been employed firstly at Exodus and then later with a Tradesmen. He told us in his own words:
“I love Exodus so much, thanks for this opportunity and I’m really enjoying my current placement with my current employer. God is pretty cool, hey? I never thought He’d plan something out like that.”


Humanity Worx is a program that runs from both EYW Rockdale, but primarily out of EYW Granville and its aim is to infuse both Drama and Spoken Word poetry in order to portray a message of kinship and finding the similarities between groups of people that usually wouldn’t be seen or known to have anything in common. There are many roles to fill and many aspects to the productions that need YOU to help out with! If acting is something you’re passionate about, or even interested in, contact our in-house drama teacher and youth worker, Christopher at


The T.A.N.G.O. project is a new program, which started in February of 2015 and is aimed at young people aged between 11-16 years old. The program aims to allow young people to be themselves in a safe and judgement-free environment. Young people who attend the program are able to use the many facilities of EYW such as engaging with Youth Workers, speaking to them about any issues that they may have, playing the many game consoles (xBox, xBox 360, Playstation 3, Wii and more!) and also watch heaps of age appropriate movies!

If you would like to find out more about the TANGO program, email coordinators Janet and Christina on and

The next Holday Program will be run in the June, 2015 school holidays. For more info call 9597 4330.
We appreciate the time you have taken to read this email and thank you for the support you continue to give. We will be sending out no more than 10 newsletters annually and if at any time you would like to stop receiving emails from Exodus Youth Worx, please email us at, but if not, see you soon for the next newsletter.

All the best for 2015

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