Birdopolis: Coastal Birds at Home in the City
Gulls often have a reputation as being noisy, greedy, messy nuisances. In many urban centers, they seem to be everywhere—squabbling around garbage cans, screeching from lampposts, side-eyeing picnics, splattering vehicles with the precision of an elite aerial paintball team—so often get treated as pests. We put up spikes and spinners and unconvincing fake predators to make rooftops and landing spots inhospitable. “Move along,” is the message. 

But there’s a lot that may surprise you about the lives of urban gulls and the ways these savvy new neighbors have mastered the art of city scavenging. On June 29, 2021, at 11:30 a.m. Pacific Time, join managing editor Adrienne Mason and experts Louise Blight and Edward Kroc for a discussion about the impressive ways gulls and other marine or coastal birds are managing to live among us. Newfound respect, guaranteed.  

Register here to participate on Zoom. Or tune in live, or at your convenience, on YouTube.

This online event follows a week of coastal urban bird stories, building off “The Gull Next Door” by writer Sarah Keartes in particular.
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