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#Convention-is-a-GO!   Please be Advised:  A regulatory authority may cancel the physical component (in Hickory) at a moment's notice!  No one can predict the "waves" or spikes between now and 10/23.  Otherwise:  Only an EFMLS Board of Director's vote may cancel it as you can see directly below.

On 8/17/20, the EFMLS Board of Directors voted to hold the October 23rd Annual Meeting virtually as well as physically

Here is what everyone needs to know! 

The EFMLS Bylaws Committee has retained the services of a qualified NY State Attorney who specializes in NY Non-Profit Law, the following is verbatim from said Attorney:
[Begin Attorney message]

Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.18 issued April 16, 2020 suspended or modified numerous sections of New York law including this:
“Section 603(b) of the Not-for-Profit Corporations Law to the extent necessary to permit annual meetings of members to be held remotely or by electronic means;”
Here is 603(b)
   (b) A meeting of the members shall be held annually for  the  election
  of directors and the transaction of other business on a date fixed by or
  under  the  by-laws.  Failure  to hold the annual meeting on the date so
  fixed or to elect a  sufficient  number  of  directors  to  conduct  the
  business  of  the  corporation shall not work a forfeiture or give cause
  for dissolution of the corporation, except as provided in paragraph  (a)
  of section 1102 (Judicial dissolution; petition by directors or members;
  petition in case of deadlock among directors or members).
Although initially this modification was to last just 30 days, along with many others it has been extended through 12/31/2020.
However - your upcoming meeting is not a meeting of members but is a meeting of the Board of Directors. That being the case, this Executive Order is not applicable. Instead, Section 708(b) of the Not-for-Profit Corporations Law applies. 708(b) is not a Covid law. It has been the law for many years. A remote board meeting is quite acceptable, it has been for years, and certainly is now. Your existing Certificate of Incorporation and bylaws do not restrict electronic meetings so 708(b) applies.
[End Attorney message]

Like what you see above and want to learn more about how important it is to follow guidelines by the state your Society is registered in?

Then why not register on Zoom (click on the following link) for the 3rd & Final Discussion of the 2020 EFMLS Proposed Bylaws Amendments on Wednesday, 10/7 @ 7:00 pm?


Several President Directors* have relayed their concerns to the email sent out on Saturday, 10/3 at 12:40 pm from the EFMLS Secretary.  The concerns were not limited to just attending the EFMLS Annual Meeting in person.

*Affiliate Society Presidents who by virtue of their local Society Presidency are on the EFMLS Board of Directors.  They are the EFMLS President Directors.

-Rest assured, the risk to personal safety by attending the 10/23 Annual Meeting and Saturday evening awards events is extremely diminished through Zoom.  (please click on the links above to register)


In addition to the "so called" Meeting regulations set forth in the 10/3 email referenced above, the message called the attention of the President Directors to the Federation's infighting.  This is not correct.  There is no infighting.  Many of us who are perceived to be on the opposite side of several long standing EFMLS core personnel, do not desire to participate in this behavior.  Instead, as we continue to take our own personal time, we are giving (volunteering) our time and service to the Federation, to serve YOU- our President Directors and your members.

The honorable individuals who are and have been working for the benefit of our Affiliate Member Societies, don't believe that engaging in this reprehensible behavior is worth our time.  Which is the time we are working for you.

We are simply taking the high road!

There were at least 2 occasions this year in which a couple of dutiful individuals couldn't help themselves and therefore, couldn't resist engaging these bad actors who, to put it lightly, were disparaging these individuals to say the least.  These instances would probably qualify as infighting.

1.  The Directory Chairperson who ended up quitting because of their behavior in the Spring.

2.  I attempted to cancel the Convention that was originally planned for the end of March.

Yes, I "fought" back and yes, it was not my unilateral decision to make.  Did I care what procedures or bylaws prohibited me from doing this?  NO!  At a time when human mortality and/or sickness (as an outcome due to Covid) was a reality, a Pandemic should take precedence over a hobby.  Almost every single person who planned to attend in March who were not Federation personnel, just local Society members, expressed that they would not be attending.

I expressed my "bottom line" to the EFMLS Executive Board (and not just because I work in the field of Infectious Diseases and research immunocompromised study participants) that I didn't think I could live with myself if someone went to the Convention and died.  This didn't matter.  The only thing that mattered to the Executive Board was that I made a decision that I was not authorized to make.

So below is where is where my infighting stopped...!


Given the level of aggressive behavior I endured during this period in early March when I was trying to preserve human health and safety at a Federation sponsored event, I decided to call out several members of the Executive Board and requested to be impeached.

Below is that record. 

From: "an EFMLS Executive Board Officer"
Date: Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 8:30 PM
Subject: Re: Hickory Convention is now cancelled due to spread of Coronavirus
To: "EFMLS President"
Cc: "Executive Board"

If David feels compelled to be the decision maker without the Board - I do believe that is grounds for impeachment 
Just going by the rules!

From: "EFMLS President"
Date: Thu, Mar 12, 2020 at 12:11 AM
Subject:   Ahh... Thank you!    Re: Hickory Convention is now cancelled due to spread of Coronavirus
To: "the specific EFMLS Executive Board Officer above"
Cc: "The COMPLETE Executive Board"

My (once upon a time) Dear "friend,"

Bless you!  I can sleep well now.

If I could ask just the smallest favor, would you please begin my impeachment process as soon as possible.

I would be more than happy to start this process for you, for everyone.  To me it's kind of like getting arrested, I've never been arrested but thought it would be cool just like that "100 year old woman" did the other day.  But instead of essentially turning myself in, resigning, I'm going to impeach myself.

Wait, I'm sorry, I don't think I can do this and make the decision to impeach myself.  I can only do this through the Secretary.  Dear "Xxxxxx" Secretary, please begin the impeachment process.

Specific text above has only been modified by quotations, bolding and a hyperlink to replace personal and/or non-relevant information.

I, for one, diligently try not to use an individual's name or names when explaining issues and presenting the factual information.

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