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August 31 is the FINAL DAY for

25% off Accessories*
*Accessories are scarves, shawls, ties, hats, gloves, jewelry, purses, belts, socks, and tights. Fall 2022 arrivals are NOT included.

VALID August 5 - 31, 2022
  • Customers are no longer required to wear a mask inside the store. However, I will continue to wear one and would definitely prefer if you did.  If you would rather shop after hours for your safety, please email me. "Masks are strongly recommended for all persons, regardless of vaccine status, in indoor public settings and businesses" - California Dept of Public Health  "UC Berkeley is not currently requiring masks but continues to strongly recommend that masks be worn indoors."
  • Please scroll to the end of the email if you are interested in OVERLY detailed info on placing SPRING '23 special orders for Repeat, Majestic, and/or MAC.  I have seen these lines and orders are due within the week!
  • CAMBIO IS BACK IN THE US!!  Unfortunately, I did not know this when I was in LA earlier this month, so did not get to see them in person.  I don't have any details about styles, minimum orders, or really anything yet but I am going to be receiving some photos and information within the week.  Please email me if you have specific interests.
  • I met with Ann Ferriday at the beginning of the month, and am trying to convince her to bring back her line.
  • Closing factories have caused production delays and changes to some of the staple fabrics in the Only Hearts line. 
  • SHOUT OUT to super supporters Carmen Barkan, Kari Holmquist, Linda Spencer, and Donna Ziegler
Snapshots are posted on our Facebook page and Instagram
White + Warren Men UPDATE
  • I was not told that the color I had ordered the waffle weave cashmere crewneck in was cancelled, I replaced it with aubergine (the color of the woman's sweater in the photo above).  However, this was delayed and should arrive next month instead.
COMING SOON FOR HIM: Stitchnote and Ted Baker
ELANA KATTAN (XS - L, XL is orderable) (see photo)
  • The "Magic" fitted top and flared skirt dress but with 3/4 sleeves and in a black and magenta lace fabric instead of the usual mesh
MONA THALHEIMER - expected tomorrow
  • AMAZING teal wool fitted vest with lapels and hip pockets  (can be reordered in other sizes and colors)
W.CASHMERE - lovely sweaters from a brand new to the store (XS - L, they do not make XL), - expected tomorrow
  • Cable chunkier knit navy wool/cashmere collared cardigan w/ asymmetric zipper
  • Knee length peacock cable knit cashmere open cardigan (a finer cable than the W+W ones were)
  • Ribbed burgandy wool mid-thigh length open cardigan
  • Fine gauge black cashmere boatneck sweater
COMING SOON FOR HER: The Cat's PJs, Dupatta Designs, Ecru, Hue, In Earnest by Byron Lars, Majestic, and White + Warren

WARNING, WARNING, OVERLY DETAILED INFO ABOUT PRE-ORDERS (Majestic, MAC, then Repeat) FOLLOWS.  If this does not interest you, there is no need to read further.
MAJESTIC special orders and information (more than you ever wanted)
  • Customers frequently ask why I don't have a certain color in a specific fabric and cut or they want to replace a favorite tee and don't understand why this is not possible.  Majestic still makes 300+ styles a season and fabrics come in 1 - 16 colors.  The number of combinations is mind-boggling and difficult choices have to be made every season.  If there is something specific you know you want, and it exists, I am happy to try to pre-order it for you.  However, there is no guarantee France will ship it. 
  • Majestic carries very little extra stock, in most cases what was ordered in advance is all there is.
  • The Majestic Pre-Spring order, which will deliver in February, is due Sunday, August 28th at 6 p.m. - almost 6 months in advance.  Spring orders, which deliver March - April, are due in early October.  
  • SHAPES: There are some basic shapes that repeat, but not every fabric comes in every shape.  For example, one year the doublefaced tshirts were not made in a fitted boatneck, only an oversized one.  Oversized has been big in the line recently (see what I did there?), but it does not sell well for the store.  
  • LINEN and LINEN BLENDS: these vary more than viscose - the colors rarely repeat, some years they make just linen and some they make linen blended with elasthane or silk or viscose, some years there are hand-dyed or painted effects, the stripe width changes from season to season, prints are different, etc.  In other words, rarely do you see the same exact thing twice.
  • THE SCOOP: For Spring 2023 Majestic is bringing back the scoopneck in viscose, but only in a just above the elbow sleeve length.  There will be NO scoopnecks with sleeves in ANY other fabric except for tank tops.  
  • SWEATSHIRT FABRIC: Majestic ONLY makes the sweatshirt fabric for fall.  The spring version has more of a French terry or rough towel feel inside, not the soft yumminess of the fall fabric.
  • CASHMERE/COTTON BLENDS - single and double-faced: Majestic only makes these fabrics in the fall.  Some basic cuts and colors do repeat, but seasonal colors, patterns, and stripes change.
  • VISCOSE SHAPES: turtlenecks and LONGSLEEVED boatnecks, Vnecks, and merrow edge crewnecks are only made in the fall. Similarly, many of the shorter-sleeved styles are only made in the spring.  They brought back the elbowsleeved scoopneck for spring '23, but I don't know if it will continue for fall '23.
  • VISCOSE STRIPES: they have done different colors and widths.  For fall 2022 the viscose stripes are only on oversized shapes.  SHOCKINGLY, there are NO viscose stripes in spring 2023! 
  • VISCOSE COLORS: Viscose colors are more limited than they used to be - for Spring '23 there are only six "seasonal colors" and six basics.  Fall '22 was similarly limited, whereas pre-pandemic there were 8 - 12 seasonal colors.  I have listed below the six Spring '23 seasonal colors followed by the spring basics (fall basics include anthracite as well, plus sometimes denim chine &/or aubergine). 
  1. Pirate - a medium gray without heathering 
  2. Ocean - a medium to dark bright blue
  3. Cloud - an ecru color that is very pale and unflattering to most skin tones, similar colors in the past have NOT sold
  4. Poudre - a very pale pink
  5. Flamingo - exactly what you would think from the name, SO bright
  6. Anis - a chartreuse, interesting but unflattering to many skin tones
  7. Noir - black
  8. Blanc - white
  9. Milk - off-white
  10. Gris chine - VERY pale heathered gray
  11. Marine - navy
  12. Militaire - olive 
MAC JEANS special orders and information 
  • MAC has a seasonal collection and a "stock" collection.  I have to order FIVE or more of a given color/style from the seasonal collection, and at least 20 items total.
  • If I don't get enough interest, I may not place a spring order, which means I won't be able to place orders for stock during that season either.  I do have fall MAC jeans coming, so I can special order fall stock through December.
  • SPRING 2023 orders are due Tuesday, August 30 and will arrive Jan/Feb.  There is a spring/summer seasonal collection they will show me in September, which delivers later.  Seasonal styles almost never have any stock beyond what we order.
  • "STOCK" items can be ordered during the season but I have to order five pieces total, so I keep a running request list. 
  • The DREAM 2023 SPRING SEASONAL colors are not ones I think I can sell (unless you convince me otherwise): sunny yellow, shine orange, azalea (bright pink), island green, swimming pool (bright blue), and apricot/black stained glass print (very cool, but SO loud).  
  • The DREAM 2023 SPRING STOCK colors will be: 
  1. Smoothly beige - a pale tan
  2. White
  3. Silver grey used  - faded/distressed
  4. Black
  5. Basic bleached blue - very light, faded/distressed
  6. Dark rinsewash - a deep blue with tonal stitching
  7. The usual 2 different faded and distressed denims
  • The ANGELA will have similar pocket details to when it was called the "New Angela" a few years ago.  Last time some customers felt there was a difference between the styles while others didn't notice it.
  • The ANGELA 2023 SPRING SEASONAL colors are listed below:
  1. White
  2. Rose rouge - light pink
  3. Dried rosemary - light green w/ brown undertones, a color they have done before
  4. Smoothly beige - same as in Dream
  5. Light summer blue - light but bright
  • The ANGELA 2023 SPRING "STOCK" colors are the same black, dark rinsewash (but it has contrast stitching in this cut), and new basic wash (distressed) plus one new "medium indigo wash" (that we have no info on).  These colors all come on the "old" Angela cut.
  • The MELANIE comes in the same seasonal and stock colors as the Angela.  This style is slightly more relaxed through the leg and thigh, while more fitted at the waist, than the Angela.
  • If you are not ready to commit but you think a color could be interesting, do let me know as I take that into consideration when deciding what/if to order for the store. 
  • FALL 2022 STOCK colors are different, so if you need something NOW, or sooner, please email me for that information.
REPEAT circle sweater special orders 
  • The infamous cashmere circle sweater is in the Spring '23 line, and orders are due Sunday, August 28th at 6 p.m.  Repeat carries no extra stock, what I order is all there is.
  • Repeat requires me to order 4 or more per color, or 3 or more if I order the same style in multiple colors.  Therefore, I only special order if I feel secure I can sell the others of that color.  If you special order a piece, it is yours to keep.  If you are not ready to commit but you think a color could be interesting, do let me know as I take that into consideration when choosing which colors to order for the store. 
  • The cotton circle sweater has not returned to the line.  The cotton ones in stock are now 20% off. 
  • COLORS: Repeat has some basics, but seasonal colors do not return (even though the names sometimes do). Spring has ~half the number of seasonal colors as fall.  I have listed below the cashmere color options, seasonal first.  I do have pictures of the colors, but photos can be inaccurate.  Please email me if you would like to see a particular color.
  1. Matcha - medium to dark green, it really looks like matcha powder
  2. Basil - bright grass green
  3. Mint - very pale pastel green (warmer toned)
  4. Soda - yellowy chartreuse
  5. Papaya - medium orange, bright
  6. Glow - creamsicle color
  7. Rose - very pale pink
  8. Blossom -  heathered bubblegum pink
  9. Lavender - pale pinkish pastel lavender
  10. Sky - very light heathered baby blue
  11. Vintage Blue - muted medium to dark blue (my favorite)
  12. Cream - off-white
  13. Sand - VERY pale heathered tan
  14. Silver Grey - VERY light heathered gray
  15. Navy - dark and not at all purpl-y
  16. Black
Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 7
Sunday 12 - 6 
Laura Leventer, owner
(510) 529-4774 (phone and fax)
Personal Pizazz
2928 College Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705

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