Bangkok, 31 July 2018
GROUND Adds New Community Travel Programs in Sri Lanka for University and School Students
The five new programs in surprising Sri Lanka are designed to meet high school community development and university placements needs
 Sri Lanka has a lot to offer students: National park learning, working in school maintenance projects, embracing local culture, and placements with a medical focus. 
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Five community and educational programs for students have been announced in Sri Lanka by GROUND, a travel operator focused on educational travel that develops resilience and global citizenship skills for high school pupils. It also facilitates course credit placements for university students.
The programs in Sri Lanka are designed with the development goals of the community in mind. The new programs join 27 similar projects GROUND runs in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia.
The Sri Lanka programs include wildlife conservation, exploring a lesser-known national park, conducting school renovations in rural areas, plus ideas exchange and hands-on practical experience in the paramedical and biomedical sectors. 
The wildlife conservation option allows students to gather information on elephants, leopards, sloth bears and other wildlife. Students compile data from environmental and socio-economic field work. The data underpins ongoing conservation programs.
Exploring the Knuckles National Park allows students to learn about rare species and endemic wildlife, hike beautiful trails, camp under the stars, explore thick jungle, and enjoy local dishes complete with a jungle cooking demonstration.
While the students will be put out of their comfort zone at times, safety and security is of paramount concern at GROUND. The company has been running these type of tours for regional international schools and universities and schools in Australia and the US for over four 
As part of the new options in Sri Lanka, GROUND will also arrange for high school students to build and repair school classroom and toilet facilities in rural areas. Students get to play cricket, eat with villagers and visit local temples.
For university students interested in medical placements, GROUND has created two programs. In the paramedical one, students visit Sri Lankan universities and hospitals and spend time in a rural village practising primary health care.
A second program, with a biomedical focus, takes students to a private medical institute in Colombo. There, they take part in seminars about microbiology and biotechnology. Students visit a leading university medical facility, a private sector research lab, and debate medical research development with students, researchers and lecturers.
“In the student placement scene, Sri Lanka is a little-known gem,” says Lauren Groves, general manager of GROUND. “Geographical variety in a compact area, a rich culture and high levels of human resource skills, especially in the medical field, are hallmarks of the Sri Lankan experience.”
Groves says that with GROUND, tutors and administrators deal directly with the staff who run the programs. “Everything can be customised to fit educational objectives,” she says.
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