Tips for this issue:
  1. When writing your book, keep it under 100 pages. Readership (reading your book in its entirety) falls dramatically when a book is over 100 pages. Under 100 pages, 97% complete your book. When over 150 pages, 3% finish a book.
  2. Not sure how to shape your story, click here for this four minute video on the shapes of stories with Kurt Vonnegut. I promise you will laugh.
  3. Dr.Caroline Leaf, brain health, memory researcher not only shows you how you can control your biological age, she talks about the release of energy that happens when we write by hand on the pages of our journals. You can hear this section of her talk near the 37-40 minute marker if you want to zero in on just this bit. Click here to catch this talk. I adore her African accent. (A quick paraphrased synopsis of her talk is below in the Resources Section)
This newsletter is delayed. It took some time to find these tips to share value that I promised.

Writing Prompts

Recently I challenged my writing class to write a personal declaration. Click here to see the example that inspired me.

A motivational quote:
"I write when I am inspired and I see to it that I am inspired every day at 9:30 A.M.." Peter DeVries

You might try writing to one of the following prompts?
  • Have you visited the place you were born or raised? If so, what did that feel like? If not, is it a geographic limitation or a vow to never return (I will never live in that small town again. School was ...)
  • How to leave a home? A province? A state? A marriage? A friendship?
  • What do you consider your greatest successes?
  • What has been a tremendous loss in your life?
  • Write a piece with a truth and a lie and have someone guess what is the lie.

At the end of your pen, down the arm, from the brain, from the body, there are many stories waiting to be written. There is power in writing by hand. (Dr. Caroline Leaf...)

Space for you & your Words
Stay-Treat Time

September 11-13, 2020.
Spots are available.

Special Guest & topic TBA:
Ambika Devi, Master Astrologer, Yogini Yoda and much more, will be leading guided meditations for creativity, inspiration and writerly dream time!

Register by clicking here and click here for more information.

Special Guests present throughout the weekend are:
Ambika Devi - Meditations for creativity and rest
Virginia L Lehay - Blue Pencil Editor / Transformational Dialog Coach

Dr. Leaf explains what hand writing does in the brain.

As we write, little proteins are made. Thoughts are real, physical things occupying real estate like a house. You build them, control them, change them, add them and update them.

Every experience updates them. You can prove to yourself with a message every day that pervades everything you do like a good virus. Thoughts and words flow through the neurons, synapses. physical structures through the energy that flows through alpha, beta, theta waves.

When you write, it does the most phenomenal stuff in the brain.

The best way of writing is to just pour your thoughts on the page – the more messy, the better. When you write, you allow a release of energy, allow the parts of the brain called the basil ganglia in the middle of the brain allow the flow of energy through the prefrontal, amygdala, temporal, ... all these fancy areas of the brain. All this energy flows and we see gamma waves flow from the front to the back of the brain. Writing allows a free flow of energy.


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