Who tells your story if not you?

You might think, "What story do I have?"
I say:
  • if you have lived and breathed, you have a story. 
  • if you have lived and learned, you have wisdom.

Here is a quote I am choosing to memorize this week.
"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." Helen Keller

What is one of the grandest collaborations you have ever undertaken?
What is one of the most epic fails?
Were there any collaborations you did not undertake and wish you had?

I suspect there are many stories in just answering one or more of these questions. Stories that may include tension and personal triumph. 
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Do you remember when you last carved out
time and space for you?

If you are drawing a blank, it is TIME!

Stay-treat July 10-12, 2020.
A few spots are still available.

Jill Lublin will be presenting on Saturday morning on the topic:
Finding agents and publishers. 
Ambika Devi, Master Astrologer, Yogini Yoda and much more, will be leading guided meditations for creativity, inspiration and writerly dream time!

Register by clicking here and click here for more information.

Special Guests present throughout the July 10-12 weekend are:

Ambika Devi - Meditations for creativity and rest
Virginia L Lehay - Blue Pencil Editor


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Have you heard about Cold Turkey or Write or Die?

Cold Turkey holds your computer hostage.

It blocks everything on your computer until you reach your writing goal. Your goal can either be a duration of time or number of words typed. Once you click start, you can't go back. It offers a reasonable one time fee or a free version.

Write or Die uses several techniques to spur you to write.

For one, it erases text you have written if you stop for longer than a certain period of time. There is a visual mode, a stimulus mode and a reward mode. (I like the reward mode!)
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