New Series Next Level Health to Start April 23

Greetings, Friend. As you probably know, It Is Written held an online evangelism series, Take Charge of Your Health, last summer. Thousands participated. When we asked those viewers how It Is Written could best help them reach their health goals, almost 50 percent asked for a follow-up series. So here we are!
I'm pleased to announce our new health series, Next Level HealthJoin me and health experts from around the country as they share practical ways to enhance every area of a person’s life: physical, mental, and spiritual. Next Level Health runs April 23-29. Register and watch at

Next Level Health is the latest series in ACTS 20:21, the It Is Written full-cycle evangelism program for both churches and individuals. This series is designed to meet people where they are and address concerns heightened by the current pandemic. 

The seven-day series will be especially effective for churches reaching out to their local communities with practical life-changing health principles and for people witnessing to family and friends.

Featuring physicians and medical experts and presented in a dynamic, magazine-style format, Next Level Health will cover hot-button health topics such as boosting immunity, improving mental performance, increasing energy, enhancing relationships, and promoting emotional wellbeing. 
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65th Anniversary Celebration

Thank you! My team and I were encouraged by your birthday messages and generosity on our 65th anniversary a few weeks ago. We are sending many Turning Points books out as our thank you gift! Read a recap of our special day »

New resource: 104 Useful Sermon Illustrations Vol. 1

Use coupon code 104 to get 30% off our newest resource! Sermon illustrations—or the lack thereof—can make or break a sermon. While preaching is most certainly the ministry of God’s Word, effective sermon illustrations fix important points in the mind of the hearer. Jesus frequently illustrated His messages. I pray you will find these illustrations helpful and that they will help you recognize potential sermon illustrations as they come to your attention.
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This week's episode

Disease. War. Pollution. Around the world 65 million people die each year. Despite the best efforts of science and medicine, the inevitability of death is a problem humanity cannot solve. But the Bible shows us a world where pain, sorrow, and death will be destroyed. Join me to learn about the “blessed hope” that Jesus’ death and resurrection provide for anyone who chooses to follow Him.

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