Answers in Prophecy: Lives Transformed

Warm greetings! Our recently-concluded series, Answers in Prophecy, was a blessing in so many ways. When I received an email telling me that Dana was going to take her own life, my heart jumped. But the message went on to tell me that she found our Answers in Prophecy, watched it, loved it, and is now studying the Bible! What a powerful testimony! Please read this inspiring report from Yves Monnier, evangelism director at It Is Written.

"Uncertainty seems to be the new standard. No one is quite sure about what to expect tomorrow. The global COVID-19 crisis has impacted people as nothing else has in decades. Questions abound. Big questions like where is the world headed, whether God cares, and will this mess ever come to an end. Pastor John Bradshaw recently tackled these questions in a 10-part virtual series called Answers in Prophecy.  

Over 13,000 people registered to watch Answers in Prophecy, the first of six virtual series that It Is Written is conducting over the next 13 months to lead individuals to God. Since people cannot or are less likely to come in person to meeting sites, we are coming to them through the internet. Just log in, watch, and be blessed. And people have been and continue to be blessed..."

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Halloween: Are ghosts real?

Many people celebrate Halloween this time of year. And they’ll be dressing up as ghosts or telling ghost stories. But are ghosts truly the spirits of the dead, or something else? Check out this It Is Written episode and learn what really happens to people once they die. And be sure to share with your friends and family members!

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Jeremy's story will make your day!

I thank God for you. Because you are a soul winner! It’s absolutely true. Because you support the sharing of the gospel, people are being won to faith in Christ. One day soon, people will approach you in heaven and say, “Thank you for what you sacrificed to bring me to Jesus. I’m here in heaven because of you.” There will be countless people who will say “thank you” to supporters of It Is Written. People like Jeremy.

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New episode

Racism is a serious problem that challenges societies around the world. The Bible addresses the issue in an unlikely New Testament story, showing how God feels about racism and demonstrating that love and unity can be accomplished when the Holy Spirit is allowed to change hearts.

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