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Hello, Friend. We're enjoying a little spring weather here in Chattanooga! I hope you're well wherever you are.

In honor of Black History Month, my team and I have created two new It Is Written episodes. You can click the images above or the links below to watch the new programs.

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Free Indeed ⛓️

Slavery had been abolished in 1865, but by the 1880s, convict leasing flourished in its place. Many black citizens who had thought themselves free were unjustly ensnared in yet another form of forced labor. Freedom isn’t always as it seems. Join me for “Free Indeed” and learn of the glorious hope God offers for those enslaved by sin.
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The Immortal Woman 🧬

In 1951, Henrietta Lacks died at the age of 31, but her cells live on in laboratories across the globe, giving rise to the nickname “the immortal woman.” HeLa cells are integral in the treatment and study of the major diseases of our day, bringing hope and health to innumerable people. Join me for the story of Henrietta Lacks & learn about the immortality offered to you through Christ.
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The Scam Program

They impersonate Facebook profiles, send you fake emails, and call you saying they can lower your interest rate. But they aren’t your friends. Spam calls, emails, and social media posts are getting more and more common. Just today, someone called It Is Written and reported that they received a phone call from someone using our name and phone number. One problem: it wasn’t us. Read more »

Eyes for India Annual Eye Camp

Eyes for India held its annual eye camp in Barabanki district, India, in February and was able to restore sight to thousands of people. Dr. Jacob Prabhakar, ophthalmologist, thanks God for a successful camp, despite the continued pandemic! From February 1 to 11, Dr. Prabhakar and his medical team successfully completed 2,672 cataract and 29 pterygium removal surgeries. Read more »

We must conclude that the future has arrived!

The media described the meeting as “unprecedented.” Less than three months ago, five professional basketball players and several officials of the National Basketball Association traveled to Italy to meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican City. In the midst of a global pandemic, and shortly before the start of basketball training camps, the group spent an hour with the pope talking about their work on social justice issues. You may wonder why a group of highly-paid sports players would fly overnight to Rome to spend an hour with a church leader. “We are inspired by the work that you do globally,” the group told Pope Francis.

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