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The seeds of our mind

Have you made any new interesting mistakes since the last issue? Cause we're going to continue on the topic of sick success propaganda.

Reading Seth Godin's "Poke the Box" recently, I came upon a term "dandelion mind". You're probably familiar with dandelions. Nice little yellow flowers that turn into something resembling candy floss. Even a slight movement of air turns this fluffy stuff into nothing more than a bald stalk and lots of flying seeds resembling crazy little umbrellas.

The author's point is that in order to produce something meaningful, we need to treat our minds just as dandelions treat their seeds. We should spread our ideas widely, share them wildly, and trust that enough of them will fall on fertile ground.

Getting to masterpiece

The fear of failure (or mistake) leads us to believe that we should perfect our idea first before we even start to execute it. We protect this idea from from others. After all, either they'll steal it and get all the glory, or even worse, they'll tell us our idea is not that great which will hurt our feelings. And this was the single best idea that we had. If it's bad, it means we're no good either.

There's nothing wrong in perfecting a single idea, of course. That's how masterpieces come to life. The problem starts if we only pursue this one single idea and don’t try with others. Cause this way, we lose the ability to experiment, learn from it, and improve. We're seeking perfection, but we're not getting closer to it.

In bloom

That's where dandelions’ approach comes in. As with these flowers' seeds, most of your ideas won't find the fertile ground. They'll land on asphalt, drown in a lake, or get eaten by beasts. It doesn't matter. Not all ideas are great and not all of them are made to become reality. Get used to it.

The best way to get better at you Masterpiece Idea is to spread all your other ideas. Talk about them, share them, cooperate with others. Experiment, try, fail, take notes, regroup, try something else.

As a side effect, some of those ideas will also end up successful. But don't let an outcome of a single idea define you. The process that you took and the lessons learned along the way are the most important. For they will help you get better and better at execution.

Practice makes perfect, right? But practice, most of the time, means making one mistake after another. If you're correct all the time, you're not progressing. Sorry to break it to you.

🧠Curious Stuff


"Your Bad Ideas Have More Value Than You Think” by Ana Shch. If you’re following this newsletter for a while, you shuold be familiar with Ana. If you’re a part of the Bit Better Community, you might even had a chance to talk to her. This article touches on a similar subject and with more research behind it.


Poke the Box” by Seth Godin, of course. As most of author’s books, this is rather a short read about initiative and its role in our well-being.

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