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👩‍🏫Teaching as a Way of Learning

In the previous newsletter, I mentioned some of the bright sides of teaching. I want to continue on this topic.

You know the most immediate benefits of teaching. You can share your knowledge to help others improve, you get compensation out of it, and you can even build a passive income or business around it. What's less obvious is that teaching others is also a great way to learn.

Your students will ask you questions and those questions can be very thought-provoking. As an expert in a given field, you may not question some of the foundations of the field. Your students, however, are unaware of those unshakable foundations and may become curious about things you wouldn't imagine.

Besides, even when you are preparing the educational material, you may notice some holes in your knowledge. This way you can mend them quickly as you don't want to embarrass yourself before your students.

Finally, some people understand everything better once they start explaining a particular subject to others. The act of articulating our internal thoughts engages different neural circuits in our brains. This, in turn, helps us better process the information.

Fun fact: the same mechanism is at work when you are learning something yourself. To better acquire the knowledge, some people make hand-written notes or record themselves talking as it helps them retain information.

There's also a dark side to teaching and I would like you to be aware of it. The fact that you have a skill that you can teach others doesn't mean you know how to present this skill to others and make them interested in it.

In extreme situations, teachers may discourage their students from pursuing a given field or career. Everyone can be a teacher and everyone can be a mentor. This doesn't mean everyone has to be!

If you decide to share your knowledge and experience, learn how to teach first. Observe some great teachers and notice what makes them great. If possible, ask them for advice or learning material. Read about instructional design. Get acquainted with Bloom's taxonomy. Test your material and make sure you are well understood.


📚 Reading



"Mastery" by Robert Greene is a great source of knowledge regarding a journey to becoming a master. The author analyzed the lifes of famous people, both historical nad contemporary, and realized that they share some common traits. These traits are not things those people were born with. Rather, mastery can and should be cultivated.


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This is one of the most well-known Polish operas in a wonderful new arrangement. Enjoy!
Kasia Moś & AUKSO "Prząśniczka"
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