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On reading less

Do you read a lot? I mean mostly books and articles. Not news, social media post, and some such.

Reading is thought to be a sign of intelligence. Besides, as creators we should also be consumers to find inspiration and better our workshop.

That's why an article I recently uncovered in my queue got me thinking.

The article's titled "Smart People Should Read Fewer Books". As someone who's participating in a book club for a third year now, I was torn by this idea.

On one hand, my identity is based on the fact that I want to read more. On the other, I agree with some of the author's sentiments.

😑Books are Boooring

Having read a lot in these last years I also noticed that a lot of books are very repetitive. The same anecdotes are repeated over and over again. The books containt lots of fluff.

That last part might be due to traditional publishing business. After all, people like to know what they are paying for and a 200-page book looks more substantial than a 30-page book. Even if both contain exactly the same amount of actionable information.

Nick Wignall, the author of the mentioned article, proposes a solution: smart people should listen to more podcasts. Especially the interview-style podcasts. They are limited to half an hour or an hour and thus we are able to consume more of them in the same time it takes us to read a book.

It's an interesting solution. That said, I'd like to propose a different one: read better books.

🥇Simply the Best

I agree that it's not smart to waste time reading bad books. Back in the days I felt guilt when I wasn't able to finish a book I started reading. Now, I value my time much more and this guilt is gone.

That's what I love about the Bit Better Book Club. The selection of titles is based on recommendations from inspiring figures, not just on their best selling status. As we know, bestsellers can be really terrible.

I wonder what's your favorite way of learning. Is it reading, listening to audiobooks, listening to podcasts, watching video? Maybe there are other ways that I'm not even aware of?

Where do you get your inspiration from?

🧠Curious Stuff


Smart People Should Read Fewer Books— the comments in this article dive deeper into whether “reading fewer books” is a good advice


Nick Wignall — the author behind the mentioned article

📚Book Club Updates

Next week, we’re talking about Steph Smith’s "Doing Content Right". If you want to launch a blog, newsletter, ebook, or other digital product, Steph has some great advice in there.

Want to read fewer books? No problem! Join the event and listen what others have to say about it. We meet on June 2nd, so register already!

What’s your take on reading? Hit reply and tell me!

P.S. Friends let friends know about the Bit Better Club!

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