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The learning world

There's a saying that today's rapidly changing job market favors those who are creative and constantly learning. This might be the reason why educational products are so popular these days.

Is it hard to make an educational product? Yes, it is. I've published three video courses (fourth one in the making) and a book. That’s how I know.

Before I started making them, I had to learn a lot about teaching methods, Bloom's taxonomy, and how to structure information. In each case, a great team helped me make the content better.

Can you create educational products? Yes, I believe you can and it’s worth giving a try!

Educational products are great, because they let you reach the people you probably care about: those who share similar passions to yours. It's great to know that something you launched helped others start a new hobby, develop their skills, or get a new job.

👩‍🏫Different ways to teach

Here are some types of educational products:

  • in-person courses -- the familiar teacher and class setup.

  • cohort-based online courses — similar to the above, but online based and with emphasis on collaboration.

  • self-paced video courses — the likes you find on YouTube, Pluralsight, or Skillshare.

  • self-paced audio courses — this is something new, at least for me. There's a niche for those who want to learn without looking at the screen.

  • e-books and physical books — there are many tools available to make it easier to release a book nowadays. Even if you want to have it printed on your shelf!

  • e-mail courses — tiny bits of information delivered daily or weekly to inboxes.

  • article-based courses — you can write a series of articles on a given topic and sell access to those.

  • self-learning study groups — similar to cohort-based courses except there's no teacher and learners are encouraged to learn and discuss on their own. The role of a facilitator is to introduce topics and provide good resources to start.

Chances are, you may feel pretty bad with some types of content but good at others. Choose what appeals to you as it is easier to start this way.

On top of selling your products, you can also offer upgrades. These include paid 1-on-1 consulting sessions, special events, or additional material. You're the creative type, feel free to experiment!

🥳Let’s talk!

A coach recently asked me to choose one project that I’d really love to succeed. I had to carefully think about them all. Each has its own potential and some of them can make an impact.

This thought exercise made me realize that what I want the most is for Bit Better to succeed. To help this community ideate, create, launch, and thrive. To connect with people like you and do something cool together.

That's why, after long time hesitating, I decided to launch a Bit Better Community on Discord. This is the place where we’ll host the Book Club Meetings, Idea Squash sessions, accountability group, and other exciting events. Join us now!

🧠Curious Stuff


Learning how to Learn on Coursera — understanding how we learn helps us teach better. This course by Barbara Oakley is available for free.


How to make $1,000 per month on the internet by selling courses online” by Preetam Nath — technically not an article, this Twitter thread inspired me to revisit the topic of educational products


ThreadStart — while we’re talking Twitter threads, this tool gives better user experience for all the thread writers out there

Lesson Club — an online study group dedicated to learning one topic every month


Preetam Nath — yes, the author of the thread above. He writes about his software and educational products and his journey as a crator.

Vaibhav Thevedi — the creator of The Lesson Club. Indie maker interested in psychology and neuroscience. Curious about other topics as well.

📚Book Club Updates

The book we're currently reading is "Doing Content Right" by Steph Smith. Regardless of what you're creating (a business, digital products, art, community), sooner or later, you'll realize that it's vital to release great content related to your field. Want to know what makes content great? Steph has it figured out!

We meet on June 2nd, so register already!

Do you have any tips on how to communicate better? Hit reply and tell me!

P.S. Friends let friends know about the Bit Better Club!

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