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🚀Launch Time

The last time I wrote, I mentioned that I'm launching Songcorder, a vinyl-to-digital recording app.

This is what's been keeping me busy recently.

The original plan was to release the product in July. We wanted to have a deadline set, so we would know what to aim for. Besides, it was supposed to be a very quick revamp of an existing product.

As you may imagine, it didn't quite happen. Even though the first version was ready by then, it turned out there were a lot of bugs to fix first. Also, building a desktop app for Mac proved to be far more complicated than I initially imagine.

We, that is the team and I, decided to postpone the launch. August seemed like a sensible choice. Well, we didn't hit that target as well. Even though the app was more or less ready, there were still the tiny pieces that needed work (and it was always that the smallest details required the most work). Besides, the Website, including the payment page, wasn't ready yet.

Finally, we were able to focus and deliver. I am happy to announce we have launched and the Songcorder is featured on ProductHunt. If you have an account there, you can upvote it and leave a comment.

Starting side projects is a lot of fun. I believe you have started a few yourself in the past. However, after a brief period of fun, there comes a time when your work doesn't seem to add too much to the final effect. For a lot of projects, this was the moment when I left the "almost ready product" and started focusing on something else. Something that would give me instant gratification.

Fortunately, this time was different. I decided to be persistent and I made myself accountable to others (for example, by sharing my plans with you). It turned out, the first part: from idea to a proof of concept, is relatively easy, quick, and straightforward. The second part: turning a project into a product was very unpredictable, tedious, and boring. But the team and I persevered. And we launched. Now we are on the third part of the journey: promotion.

The best part of launching? It's a great feeling of achievement. Graduating from People Working on a Project to People Who Launched a Project is hugely rewarding! Even if the product will turn out to be a flop, there are many new skills and knowledge learned from the release process.

My advice for those who want to launch a product of their own is to use some form of accountability. A deadline (even if you later miss it) also helps as it shows your progress in time. There are organized events such as NaNoWriMo or Just F*ing Ship It by Women Make that take care of both accountability and deadlines. Will you join?

📚 Reading



A stoic philosophy classic "On the Shortness of Life" by Seneca is both short and very insightful. You can read an entire book in one sitting. This might not be the best idea, however, as the book is meant to be meditated upon, rather than just consumed.

🎵 Music

Dire Straits' classic "Brothers in Arms" is one of the well-known songs by the band. The atmosphere it builds and the lyrics both contributed to its success. But you probably already know it.

Here's an a capella rendering by the Finnish group Club for Five. Best listened to in a dark room with eyes closed:
Club for Five "Brothers in Arms"
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