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📅When is the future?

"The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed." ― William Gibson

In the previous email, I've mentioned I'll be giving away Pluralsight codes for 30-days. It turns out Pluralsight is running a FreeApril campaign where the entire library is available for free. Therefore, the contest is postponed until later. Lucky winners could then make use of both the current promotion and the gift code.

If you visited the Bit Better Club homepage recently, you might have noticed some changes. First of all, the design is all new. The important part, however, is the list of job boards, support groups, and talent networks that focus on remote work.

📚 Reading



If you want a book that could help you get along with people, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" may be a good choice. The focus is put on winning friends, not on manipulating others. The book has around 100 years and some of the anecdotes may feel like they didn't age well, but overall I was pleasantly surprised with it!


Last year I got a proposition to write a technical book for a well-known company in the IT industry. There were two problems, though. The first one was that I already had a book deal with a different publisher. The second one was that I knew next to nothing about the topic.

After contacting a few friends who were skilled in the matter, one of them was brave enough to take on this challenge. He shares his experience in an article titled "Writing a technical book #1. A decision."

🎵 Music

The title of this newsletter was inspired by a song from VNV Nation. The song is titled "When is the future" and comes from the band's latest album "Noire."
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