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A Different Point of View

One piece of the feedback I got after the previous newsletter was

Really liked that you found inspiration in a non traditional source

And I thought it might be worth to share some non-traditional sources of inspiration. Around us, most people are consuming the same TV series, the same bestselling books, and the same podcasts. Being able to find something unique is a big advantage. Even bigger advantage is when we combine the unique with what we already have.

So without further ado, here are some of my slightly unconventional sources of inspiration.


Popular books condensed to around 15 minutes and some key points. Definitely not a substitute for unabridged books, but a great source of "Aha!" moments.


It used to be a meditation app. Now, it's all-around mental health-and-wealth toolbox. Between guided meditations, masterclasses, sparks, and other content formats, there's a lot of inspiration waiting. One of my personal favorites.


This may be obvious to many, but it's worth repeating anyway. Our inspiration often comes from talking to other people. We hear about their challenges, we discuss their ideas, we learn about topics we had no idea about. Participating in diverse communities can be very inspirational!


This is a micro-courses platform. You select a course you want to take and you get 10 daily emails, each containing a lesson that shuoldn't take more than 10 minutes to read. Programs started as Lift, a habit-tracking platform. It have since evolved into a coaching marketplace. Everybody can find a coach or become a coach there. One of the lesser-known features are plans. They are self-paced exercises that you do day by day. Some of them are paid, others are free. It is through one of the programs that I learned about Calm.


It is very easy to spot when our friend is falling into some bad habits or thinking patterns. However, it is extremely hard to realize the same in ourselves. Whenever we notice that our back hurts, we go to the doctor. A lot of us still hesitate to go to a doctor when the problems are with our mental health, not physical one. And therapy can be a source of great insight about ourselves. Insight that may lead to inspiration.

🧠Curious Stuff

I hope the list above satisfies your curiostiy for some time. Let me know if something in particular got your attention!

What are your favorite sources of inspiration? Hit reply and tell me more!

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