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More Than a Newsletter!

As some of you might know, for about a year I've been running 2 newsletters: Bit Better Club and Bit Better Book Club. After 12 months of hosting them as separate beings, I decided to unite them. You are now receiving this email as a part of the new, improved Bit Better Club!

So if you were previously only subscribed to the Book Club, you are now subscribed to Bit Better, a newsletter for curious minds on a journey from idea to creation. But tastes differ and if you don't like that, you can unsubscribe below. I understand this might not be what you came here for but if you stay and check it out, you might find plenty of interesting stories and resources here.

So, what's going to happen to the book club? It's not going anywhere! We're still going to read new books based on recommendations from inspiring figures. And the best part is that we're going to meet and discuss these books. Read on, to learn more about it.

Does it mean I'll stop sending the regular newsletter and replace it with a book club? No. The regular newsletter is still there. The book club updates will be featured in it as well in one of the sections. If you're not interested in them, they won't bother you at all. I'm still going to share my thoughts about being a free-range human, the creator economy, and useful tools to help you get a bit better.


Book Club Changes

Ever since the book club started, the thing I enjoyed the most were discussions. Some of the discussions took place in the forum. But there were also in-person discussions at the local book club events I used to organize in my city. I would love to connect with more readers and be a part of reading community that gathered every once in a while to share their thoughts and exchange ideas. This means that there will be...

...More Talking

The discussions always started with the current book as the topic and later turned into interesting digressions. Some people who came there read the book, most of the participants hadn't read it. Everyone participated in the talk and that was the best part.

The pandemic made it impossible to handle in-person events and this made me realize how I missed these events. If we're going to have a book club, let's make it more interesting and more engaging. Let's meet and talk!

...Less Reading

Previously, the book club had a break-neck two-week cadence. Every two weeks, we had a new book to read. This was great for the die-hard readers, but some participants couldn't sustain this marathon and resigned. Starting this year, I'd love to try something else: do one book per month and make sure to read it comfortably.

...Same Energy

One thing that won't change is the engagement and vibe shared by the attendees. I hope you'll enjoy the discussion and learn how others perceive the same topic.

Live Events

In the previous newsletter, I've told you, I want to focus on the community and events more. The first Bit Better event that I'll host will be a book club meeting on February 2nd, 2021, 5PM CET (that's 11AM EST and 9:30PM IST). And you are all invited! It doesn't matter if you read the book or not (BTW: we are currently reading "The Power of Habit").

We'll discuss habits, routines, tools, and frameworks that will help you make this year the best one yet! That's how it works: getting a bit better every day is a habit.

Save the date! Next week, you'll get an invitation to the event.
What do you think about these changes? Hit reply and let me know!
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