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⏲️ We're Halfway There!

There's a song by Enya titled "My! My! Time flies!" I share the sentiment with the artist. So much happened between the last newsletter and today it is hard to even believe!
Some of my accomplishments are teaching three new courses (Docker and Kubernetes, Python, and writing a functional specification, all IT stuff) all of them between the last week of May and the middle of June. But the most important thing for me? I got three book deal propositions!
One of them didn't come to fruition as the publisher wanted someone more experienced with writing for school teachers (lesson plans and such). One of them is acknowledged and for a fairly high-profile publisher in the IT space. We are writing it together with a friend of mine and we've already sent drafts for a few first chapters. The last deal is still in the negotiation phase and it's even higher profile.
When I started this year I had a vision I'll be sharing my knowledge with people by writing regular blog posts and creating video courses. So far, it turned out I'm teaching live courses and writing a book. 
How are you progressing on your quest to become a bit better? I'm really curious about your success stories and your tips :)

📚 Reading

One common theme for this year is that I'm reading so many good books and articles, I'm getting confised where did some ideas originate. I owe it partly to The Startup Book Club that I frequent every two weeks and partly to you because I feel the need to share some lessons and great titles!
Among the more interesting books from recent weeks is "Thinking in Bets" by Annie Duke. It builds on lessons learned from being a professional poker player. It turns out poker can teach us a lot about making better decisions and separating good decisions from good outcomes.
The most surprising thing I learned? Professional poker players have something akin to Mastermind Groups, where they analyze each other's decisions in order to improve their game. Are you participating in a Mastermind Group yourself? I'm currently a member of two such groups and I'm thinking about starting another one, this time dedicated to public speaking.
There's an article I started writing sometime in May that I haven't really finished yet. It's about reading and I figured out I may share a draft with you. I welcome your opinions on the piece as I don't feel it's the best it can be. Here's "30 books in 20 weeks? Why reading challenges are great"

🎵 Music

I've recently figured I'm spending too little time listening to music and too much time thinking about upgrading my stereo. If you're a fan of streaming services, King Crimson recently released their debut album "In the Court of the Crimson King". It's hard to believe 50 years have passed since its release!
For some regular new tunes to listen to, you're welcome to follow Vagrant Vibes (and collaborate on the content if you like) or DoomHammer Supposes Erroneously. The format is similar in both cases: a tune a day. Full disclosure: I'm the curator of the latter, while one of the readers of this newsletter is the curator of the former. It's basically self-promotion.
Do you have a great album we should listen to? Share it in the reply!

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