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📣 Finishing Touches

The year is coming to an end. How do you feel about it? For me, the last quarter was a very dynamic time. I've traveled to many countries to speak at conferences (my first conference talk being in September this year). Then I settled for a while to create my first video course which I've since finished.

All of this commotion meant I had to slow down on other topics like reading books and articles or writing my own book. I'm still on track with the assignments from the Bit Better Book Club though I feel like I could've read more.

As far as year-end summaries go, I plan on updating my Gratitude Resume and my Codex Vitae. A quick explanation in case you are not familiar with them.

Gratitude Resume is something like a regular resume in that it presents your professional growth over time. The difference is, instead of listing all the places you worked at and all your responsibilities, you instead list people that trusted you enabling your growth. You basically recognize you are grateful to them for the trust they gave you. Hence the name.

Codex Vitae is an operating manual for your own life. It lists your beliefs, your beliefs about beliefs, your aspirations, and the rules you want to follow. It's a powerful framework for introspection. It makes it easier to make choices once you learn more about yourself and put it down to the proverbial paper.

Do you make yearly summaries of any kind (best books, best movies, personal growth, professional growth, ...)? Share it by replying to this e-mail, I'm curious as always to learn!

Disclaimer: some of the links I present here are affiliate links. This means I'll get a commission if you follow them and buy something from a given store. The price for you stays the same, so worry not!

📚 Reading


I haven't read much of those recently. If you have, I'd appreciate a recommendation :)
Still, I somehow got to the top 5% of readers in Pocket. If you don't know Pocket, it's an application that lets you save interesting articles and read them at a later time. It removes most of the annoyances of online reading and works well with e-book devices.


Since the last time, I've finished "The Happiness Hypothesis" which left me with mixed feelings. Some of the author's observations were contrary to my prior knowledge so it wasn't an easy read. Also, the topic of happiness isn't mentioned very often. I'd say the main topic is how our consciousness and unconsciousness operate together and what can we do to improve their output. Interesting fact: the author, himself an atheist, presents a scientific explanation for religion.

🎵 Music

Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" has been a common theme lately. For a modern take on it, consider Lindsey Stirling's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy."
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