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🎀 A New Year's Gift

For some people, a new year is in itself a gift. A chance to start anew. To rethink, reimagine, and rebuild oneself. For others, it is just an arbitrary date. Just as good as any other date.

Personally, I don't like big plans for an entire year. A year is a lot of time and tracking progress on our goals is difficult. We see the illusion of so much time and we think we can postpone starting on that next big project until later.

Instead of lofty yearly goals, I like to think in terms of quarterly goals and monthly themes. Planning for a month, while still hard, is at least manageable.

The thing I'd like to focus on more in the future is teaching. Last year I finished creating my first online video course. It's a technical course and a pretty niche one as well. I'm proud of myself for finishing it, as it was my first time with video recording, audio and video editing, and the first time with instructional design.

If you are interested, it's called "Managing Advanced Kubernetes Logging and Tracing" and it's available on Pluralsight. The platform is subscription-based but you can get a ten-day free trial when you register with this link.

Even though the last year was very intensive and I've done quite a lot, I think this course is definitely one of the highlights of the last year. Do you have a project you are really proud of? Respond to this e-mail and tell me the Bit Better community all about it!

Disclaimer: some of the links I present here are affiliate links. This means I'll get a commission if you follow them and buy something from a given store. The price for you stays the same, so worry not!

📚 Reading


I've finished two great fiction books recently. One was "Watership Down." If I were to summarize it in one sentence it would be "An adventure in the spirit of The Lord of the Rings, albeit with rabbits." I very much enjoyed reading this! Its narration makes you want to read more and more. Each time the protagonists gain some victory, there's a new danger looming.

The other one was "The Christmas Hirelings." An old English lord that's bored with Christmas accepts a preposterous deal from his dandy friend. The idea? Since Christmas is only entertaining when there are little kids around, why not hire some children from a less well-off family? The story is a bit predictable, but nevertheless, it managed to bring tears to my eyes. As it doesn't happen often, I treat it as a recommendation.

🎵 Music

I think I'm a bit obsessed with Enya lately. I have very fond memories of the "Paint the Sky with Stars" compilation. It was one of the first cassette tapes I bought with my pocket money while at school.

Enya, for me, is the epitome of calm morning music. It's soft, gentle, yet it doesn't lack the dynamics and sounds contemporary. I can't think of any other good examples as an alternative. Enigma and Loreena McKennitt have some of the quality, though the former can get too dramatic and times, while the latter dives too deep into traditional music.

Can you recommend an artist or an album that would fit the calm morning?
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