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Looking Back

The new year is here. Some people believe the new year has some magical capabilities to make us better people. To start eating properly, to exercise, to begin working on the project we always wanted to create.

I can't say for sure whether it's true or not. All I know is that you can treat every day as an opportunity to become a bit better. And the best day to do it is always "today."

Whether you believe in the power of new year change or not, there's at least one new year ritual that may be helpful. A yearly review is a moment when you stop and appreciate your progress so far.

There are all kinds of reflections that you can practice: quarterly, monthly, weekly. There is nothing exceptional about the end of the year review. The point is that a year is quite a long time. A lot could have happened during that time. It's worth reflecting on it as you may be surprised how much your life has changed since last January.

A year is more or less 1% of our lifetime. How did you spend this time?

How to Do a Yearly Review

The hardest part of doing a review is to decide what aspects of your life you should focus on. So many things happened, but which of them are worth mentioning?

Since done is better than perfect, I decided to start with one framework a few years back and adapt it to my needs as I go. It's not well-balanced, it doesn't take some aspects into account, and it's probably extremely rough. But it works for me. It's a good start and I will make it better in the future if I need to do so.

This review template is not backed by any science or tons of research. You are free to use it, throw it away, or modify it to suit your needs. But I hope it will give you a good starting point. It will be easier to go from there. If you find anything important that's missing, like Finance or Spirituality, just add it.

If you modify it, please share it with me as I'm always looking for inspiration.

Review Template


Here's the template. You can duplicate it as a Notion page or print as a PDF. You can also copy the text and paste it in your favorite tool.

If you would like to see how it looks like filled, you can check mine here.

Getting Better

Last month, I decided it is time to improve Bit Better. To bring a new design, to introduce a blog, and to create supportive community. The first hints at the new design are visible on the archive page. What do you think about it?

Do you want to publish your review? Hit reply and let me know!
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