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Surprise Learning

Inspiration comes from unexpected places. I've already written about it before but it's still worth pointing out.

Some of you may know that I have a daily habit of meditation. I use the excellent app called Calm to listen to one of their guided meditations most of the time. Calm has been my source of inspiration more than once. Heck, it even made me start writing regularly a few years ago.

In one of the recent sessions, Camila Cabello shared her experience auditioning for a TV singing contest called X-Factor. What I found notable is that she broke a stereotype of a 24-year-old pop star for me.

Pop is generally considered to be this upbeat and uplifting music without any deep thought behind it. And since we often think about artists in the context of their work (and vice versa), I haven't expected deep thought from

I was wrong.

Teachers are everywhere

Camila mentioned that one of the best ways to deal with critique and negative opinions is to follow a stoic approach. Now, stoicism has been popular recently in certain areas, but I didn't think I'd find it associated with pop music. Quoting Epictetus while describing an audition for a TV contest was also unexpected.

As creators, we have to deal with criticism about our work (and by extensions, ourselves). This is something I'd like to get back to in one of the following issues.

As curious creators, we want to look for interesting information in a lot of different places. For example, sometimes, a casual talk in a grocery store can lead to great ideas.

What have I learned from this very short program in Calm? Several things:

1. Inspiration may strike anytime, anywhere. Embrace it.
2. I had incorrect (and hurtful, to be honest) stereotypes that were corrected. This may also apply to all of us.
3. Handling critique is a big problem that artists have a lot of experience with.
4. I'm grateful that I have a system in place that lets me capture and connect all of the inspiration I come across.

And if you're interested in the program that sparked this stream of thoughts, you can find it on Calm. It requires a subscription, but a free trial should be possible.

🧠Curious Stuff


The Encheiridion” or its modern release with commentary known as “How to be Free” is the book quoted by Camila. Of all the stoic works that I’ve read (not that I’ve read a lot), this was one of those I liked best. It’s concise and worth trying if you want to understand the stoic philosophy better.

Learned anything curious recently? Hit reply and tell me more!

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