We've got a ton of fixes and improvements for you in the game now
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Patch 4 is now LIVE

Tiers 9 & 10, progression balancing, fixes & improvements

We're very happy to announce that our latest patch is now live. This one has been a while in the making, so there are a lot of improvements that will affect gameplay.

Scroll down to see what has changed. We hope that you'll like it!

Please exit the game and wait for Steam to update your game client. The new build number is #3531; if you see a different number, exit the game and wait for the update.

Tiers 9 & 10

Now available!

Elite units have finally arrived: Royal Spartans, Hellenic Cataphracts, Imperial Guard, Palatini, and many more are now available! Some of these units are still placeholder (like Amazon Warriors, who have a male unit model), so don't worry... we're still working on them. They're not finished.

Progression Speed

Faster from T5 onwards

Now that tiers 9 and 10 are available, we've greatly increased the speed at which you can progress at tier five and beyond. Previously, this was where the game got slower, but now you should no longer feel like you're hitting a wall. We've also removed double-unlocks: No unit requires two previous units to unlock anymore.

Capturing Changes

It's getting more difficult

We've listened to your feedback on capturing and we've improved it. Base capturing is now slower, and the unit type has a stronger effect on the speed at which you capture. If a unit takes any damage while inside the capture circle, all of this unit's contribution to the capture is lost. This way, archers and artillery can deny capping.

Unit Details Panel

More about your units

This panel has always been there, but rather hidden. We've now made this panel the default when you select a unit. You can see the health of each of your soldiers, where you commander is, how much health he has, and how much XP the unit has received. You can also now tell more easily which unit contains your commander.

Map Improvements

Better Graphics & Gameplay

We've improved the look of the Salernum map, with a visually upgraded town, fire and smoke effects, and additional props. Small changes have been made that should also benefit gameplay and balance.
Marathon also saw some love, where we've fixed some pathfinding issues that were causing strange behaviour around rivers.

Health Bar

Shows Kills

We're trying out a new health bar: Previously, health bars went down whenever a unit took damage. Now the health bar only reduces when a soldier is killed. We may change it back depending on your feedback.

Range Fixes

What you see is what you get

Archers and javelineers no longer continue firing at targets which have left their vision before going out of range.

The era of seemingly inescapable archers is over.

Formed Attack

Steady, Soldiers!

All "trained" units, such as legionaries or hoplites, will now have a toggle ability to choose whether they stay in formation or not when they engage in melee combat. Sometimes this is of an advantage, and other times it may be better to break formation. You can now make this tactical choice!

Javelin Improvements

Faster & Fire While Moving

We've made all javelins more responsive and fun to play. They react more quickly to your orders to fire, making them more deadly. Also, from T4 onwards, you will be able to fire whilst moving by marking your target with the ALT key.

Scipio Africanus

Work in Progress

We've fixed Scipio's Quick March order so that you can now turn it on and off. We're still working on improvements here, so stay tuned. We're also evaluating Scipio Africanus in general. We may be tweaking and changing him, so your feedback in this area is more valuable than ever!

Unit Collision

Less Moshing

We've improved unit collision, which means that there's less "moshing" going on. Units will now remain more separate during combat. This is also the first step to fixing the old problem of pull-through, which we're working on removing in a future patch.

Visibility Changes

And Bugfixes

In general, the visibility range of all units has been reduced, and the difference between light and heavy units is smaller. At the same time, we've fixed a bug where you could enter combat in long grass but lose visibility on your enemy. Now you'll always see who you're fighting against in melee.

Unit Colours

On Unit Cards

You can now see both the primary and secondary colours on your unit cards.

Low Tier Gameplay

Romans have Shields

We've rebalanced the experience that new players will have, especially for Roman units. For the sake of consistency, Roman Militia Swordsmen now have shields. Additionally, we've made Italian Skirmishers more useful and fun to play.

UI Responsiveness Improved

Lighting-Fast Reactions

The responsiveness of the user interface was the cause of some strange behaviour on slower machines, such as the wrong unit responding to commands. We've now fixed that, and you should notice that unit selection and the execution of commands is now a lot faster.

Please note that this does not fix units taking too long to respond if your PC is running behind. That's a separate issue that we plan to improve in the future.

Coming Soon

"soon (tm)"

Here's a list of the things we're working on. We can't promise when any of this will go into the game, as always.
  • Preventing pull-through of units, so that units can properly block passages
  • A new map, in a new climate zone
  • New minimap and tactical map for better battlefield overview
  • Rewards balancing of friendly fire, capturing, victory bonuses, and AFK players
  • Commander and unit order balancing & scaling
  • Premium Account, giving you bonus rewards from every battle

Steam Key

Your key to epic battles

To download and play the game, please use the following Steam key to add the game to your Steam library:
<<Steam Key>>
You can find instructions on how to activate a Steam key here

Previous Update

This is a list of what we've fixed in the previous update (16 Apr), for all those of you who have joined the game since.
  • Launcher fixes
  • Improved tooltips for consumables and commander abilities
  • Unit selection & control improvements
  • On-screen display of game performance
  • Victory & defeat message fixes
  • Carousel UI improvements

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