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October 2017

A few months back I was asked if I ever re-read books. I rarely do, but the question prompted me to ask why. If I thought a book was excellent on the first read, wouldn't it make sense to revisit the lessons I had learned? 

So I decided to make a short list of the best books I've read. (This was easy as I keep a spreadsheet that has a rating and the date I finished each book.) I'm now in the process of re-reading my favorites. This month I finished Essentialism by Greg McKeown (see below). It served as a much-needed reminder to ignore the trivial many and focus on what was most important. What are great books that you've read multiple times?   

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown
We constantly hear others “humble brag” about how busy they are and how many things they need to get done. McKeown argues that it’s time to focus on doing less while accomplishing more. It's been several years since I first read Essentialism and I remember being inspired to re-evaluate my priorities and say “no” more often. Reading it a second time had the same impact. Here's a video of Greg discussing the book:

As McKeown says: “Essentialism is not about how to get more things done; it’s about how to get the right things done…It is about making the wisest possible investment of your time and energy in order to operate at your highest point of contribution by doing only what is essential.”

The Phenomenon: Pressure, the Yips, and the Pitch that Changed My Life by Rick Ankiel  
Rick Ankiel was touted as the next Sandy Koufax, a once-in-a-generation pitcher who would dominate Major League Baseball for years to come. Unfortunately, at the end of an impressive rookie season, everything fell apart. During a playoff game, Ankiel threw 5 wild pitches in one inning. Overcome by anxiety, Ankiel was never the same. He lost his ability to command the ball and was out of baseball a few years later.

But that's just the beginning of the story. After hitting rock bottom, Ankiel remade himself into a position player, taking over center field for the St. Louis Cardinals and becoming an explosive hitter. He became the first player in over 70 years to win at least 10 games as a pitcher and also hit at least 50 home runs. I love Ankiel's story, not just because he bounced back from a tough situation, but because he completely reinvented himself. This book was a powerful reminder that we shouldn't lose hope if a career door slams shut. We, like Ankiel, can invest in ourselves, and ultimately pivot to a new career path that unlocks strengths we may have previously overlooked.   

Here's a preview of the book from ESPN's Scott Van Pelt and a few of Ankiel's fielding highlights. 


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The 2018 Wealthfront Career Launching Companies List
Wealthfront, a Bay Area startup, just published their sixth annual list of best companies to start a career. To be frank, the inaugural article and list were incredibly influential in how I thought about my career.

Here's a summary from Wealthfront: We believe the companies we list each year are the ideal places for young people to start their careers because they are all highly likely to turn into large businesses, and nothing early in your career is more important than achieving success — and nothing signals success more than working for a successful company. For a complete explanation of this logic, it’s important that you read the post that accompanied our original list.

Pretty cool to see DoorDash on this list. :)


My Work
Speaking of DoorDash... I didn't write anything this month, so I'll share that we just launched our 50th market. Next time you're hungry, give us a try!

Thanks for reading! My goal is to write and share great career-related content. If you've read anything worth sharing, please let me know. And do let me know if there's anything I can do to help you.   

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