Oh sh*t, I did that!
Reflecting on the first month of 2016
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About two years ago, my friend Melissa Rowe founder of Capture Greatness, introduced me to a yearly practice she calls:

"Oh sh*t, I did that!" in which she writes down all of her accomplishments for that year. For the past two years, I've adopted this way of reflecting by creating my own list at the end of the year. I love taking stock in this way because it gives me permission to pat myself on the back and celebrate things that I might even be surprised to have accomplished. 

This year, I've decided not to wait until the end of the year to create my list and plan to do one each month because it will give me more immediate feedback on whether or not I am working towards my goals. And, it will enable me to celebrate small success without having to wait until the end of the year to feel a sense of accomplishment.

So my "Oh sh*t I did that!" list for January 2016 includes:

  • Co-hosted two online conversations about leadership with Michele Martin which also meant learning about new online video conference technologies
  • Launched the Leadership Lab, also with Michele
  • Got over my fear of Mail-chimp and wrote/sent two newsletters
  • Secured a new client
  • Wrote a proposal for a conference
  • Started to practice meditating
  • Co-hosted the Sandbox Collective Monthly networking and professional development meeting
Since we're already one full month into 2016, what would be on your list? If you were to ask your staff to create a list, what might be on theirs? What if you asked your board?

How does celebrating your successes help keep you inspired and focused on your goals? What strategies do you use?

Since we're talking about goals, what are you working on in February?
  • Hosting a Sandbox Collective professional development and networking meeting on 2/11. And we'll be getting 'disrupted'. Want to know more? Join us!
  • Working with my colleagues on fundraising for our company Pop-up Play
  • Plan to make progress on revising my website
  • Would like to host another Online conversation
I'd love to know what you're celebrating so far this year and what you're working on in February.
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