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This is the seventh issue of the Kaiju Kennels newsletter. We've decided to move to a quarterly format and will put out a new issue every three months. You can read previous issues on the website if you missed any.

In this issue you will find our updated breeding plans for 2016 and info about Godzuki's litter hopefully due in early July. This summer is shaping up to be very busy for us, with puppy parties, two shows in the midwest, a trip to Japan, and most exciting of all: a new import!

Please be patient if you have tried to contact us. Last weekend we traveled to Colorado with Godzuki to visit Bruno. Next weekend we will be in Michigan for the NIPPO Classic. The following weekend we have a two-day event; May 28th we will host a barn hunt demo and going away party for Hinata, and May 29th is Gamera's birthday pool party with our American Akita friends. And then finals start!

There are less than two weeks left of puppycam before Hinata goes to her new home on the 28th. During the day you can watch her on the outside camera, playing and frolicking in her yard. The camera is on 24/7 so check it out whenever you need a puppy fix. We will continue to host puppycam for Godzuki's litter as well.

Remember, we post photos, interesting articles, and fun tidbits on our Facebook page many times a week, so please follow us!

Best Regards,
Claire Matthews

01. Breeding Plans
02. New Import!
03. Farewell, Hinata
04. Trip to Japan
05. Upcoming Shows

NIPPO Classic
Owosso, MI
May  20-22, 2016

UKC Premier
Kalamazoo, MI
June 16-19, 2016
On May 28th, Litter B will be three years old. Happy Birthday to Bruno, Gamera, Noogie, Miyako, and Ugetsu!

Breeding Plans

We bred Godzuki to King Ghidora last week and will find out in early June if she is pregnant. We expect only brindle puppies from this breeding, but all three types of brindle are a possibility. Make sure to watch our Facebook page for any news or updates about this litter.

Godzuki & King Ghidora

Breeding: May 7 - 9
Pups Born: July
Pups Go Home: October

Colors: Red/Silver/Black Brindle

Hips: Good/Good
Eyes: Clear/Clear
Thyroid: Pending/Normal

Mosura & Sho

Breeding: September
Pups Born: November
Pups Go Home: February

Colors: Silver/Black Brindle

Hips: Fair/Good
Eyes: Clear/Clear
Thyroid: Normal/Unknown

Gamera & Kita

Breeding: October
Pups Born: December
Pups Go Home: March

Colors: Red, Red Brindle

Hips: Good/Pending
Eyes: Clear/Pending
Thyroid: Normal/Pending

New Import: Welcome, Ebira!

Say hello to Ebira, our latest import puppy from Japan. Pictured above at seven weeks old, Ebi will fly home with us when we travel to Japan in July. Her registered name is MISHIO NO HIME GO RYUUKAEN. We look forward to meeting her and welcoming her into our home. Ebira is a show and breeding prospect who we hope will continue our red line.

Hinata Says Farewell

On March 5th, Angirasu gave birth to a single brindle girl, whom we called "Clover" for the first few weeks. We received a lot of fantastic applications for her, but in the end could only choose one family. Her new family named her "Hinata" meaning sunflower. In a little less than two weeks, Hinata will be going to her new home in Northern California. We'll miss you, Hinata-chan! 

Follow Hinata's instagram for updates and all her new adventures.
Angirasu is now retired from breeding and will go to live with her new family in June. She will be reunited with her half-sister Ugetsu from Litter B and start an exciting new chapter!

Trip to Japan: Gion Matsuri and Mt. Fuji

I will be visiting Japan from July 14th to August 1st. My husband, Aaron, will go with me for the first five days to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. We will travel to Osaka and Kyoto, where the Gion Festival will be in full swing. This is one of the largest and most well known festivals in Japan.
On July 22nd my parents will join me in Tokyo. From there we will do a two-day climb to the top of Mt. Fuji, arriving at the summit just before sunrise on the second day. It is said to be quite breathtaking! We will also see a Kabuki play in Tokyo before moving on to see other national parks and beaches.

Upcoming Shows

We weren't planning on doing any major conformation shows or travel until 2017, but plans change! We've decided to attend both the NIPPO Classic and UKC Premier, both of which are taking place in Michigan this year.

NIPPO Classic

May 20-22

The NIPPO Classic is a Japanese-style show hosted by the Colonial Shiba Club. The judge is an expert flown in from Japan specifically for this event. The dogs are critically evaluated against the standard for the native Japanese breeds, including not only physical form and beauty but also correct character and spirit.

We have entered Mosura, Bijo, and Gamera in this show. Mosura and Bijo already have points towards their NIPPO-USA Championship. Kyuubi from Litter A is also entered and we look forward to seeing him.

UKC Premier

June 16-19

Premier is the biggest event of the year for the United Kennel Club. Akin to the Westminster show, thousands of dogs are entered in conformation at UKC Premier. The competition is tough, with dozens of dogs in some breeds and hundreds in each group.

However, Premier is more than just a beauty pageant. There are also dozens of events for obedience, rally, agility, drag racing ... and the list goes on! We've entered Mosura, Batora, and Gamera in the three sports we love: lure coursing, barn hunt, and nosework.

We have travel plans for May, June, and July. Please be patient if we are slow to reply or lose your email. Just send us another one and we'll respond when we can!
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