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We are excited to present the very first Kaiju Kennels newsletter. The goal of this e-publication is to keep you informed on what we've been up to and what is coming up next for our kennel. Throughout the year, we will send you important updates about our breeding program and puppy availability as well as any other opportunities or resources that may help with your search for a Japanese Akita.

In an upcoming issue of our newsletter we plan to include a Rescue Spotlight that will feature a bio and photos of a Japanese Akita currently available for adoption. The Rescue Spotlight will be a permanent fixture of our newsletter, and we hope you will consider giving a needy Japanese Akita a forever home. We're still working out the details with some rescues so look for it soon!

If you have a story or photos you would like to share in the newsletter, please feel free to email us. Your personal experiences with the breed or dogs in general could make a great piece for an upcoming issue. Here are a few prompts you may wish to consider:

- How did you discover the Akita?
- What was your first Akita like?
- What activities do you do with your dogs?
- What mischief have your dogs done?

Our website has recently undergone a few style and usability updates. It should be much easier to find important articles and resources now and we will continue to add improvements over the next few weeks. We'd like to include a gallery for all of our dogs past and present and are prioritizing this feature. In the mean time, there are hundreds of photos and tidbits shared on our Facebook page so please follow us!

Best Regards,
Claire Matthews

In This Issue
01. Breeding Plans
02. UKC Premier
03. Summer Travel

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“On May 28th, Litter B will be two years old. Happy Birthday to Bruno, Gamera, Noogie, Miyako, and Ugetsu!”

Miami, Florida

Breeding Plans

Some of our breeding plans have changed due to our girls' late heat cycles and our UKC Premier travel plans. All of the plans below are tentative and subject to change depending on if/when one of our girls gets pregnant. If you have any questions about our planned breedings feel free to ask.

UKC Premier & Top Ten Finals

It is a great pleasure to announce that the 2014 #1 and #2 Japanese Akitas, Batora and Mosura, have been entered in the Top Ten Finals at UKC Premier in Kalamazoo, Michigan on June 11th. This show is by invitation only and features the top dogs of each breed from all over the country.

All five of our dogs shown in UKC placed in the Top Ten last year against some very worthy competition. While we would have liked to enter all of them in the Finals, it wasn't possible; I haven't yet mastered being five people at the same time. Nonetheless, it was an honour to receive the invitations and we're enthusiastically looking forward to the show.

There will also be some new faces entered in the regular classes at Premier!

Summer Travel

We will be traveling cross-country from June 3rd through June 22nd. During this time, there may be significant delays in responding to email, social media, or physical mail. If you need to speak to us right away, please feel free to call between 9 AM and 4 PM PST. Please be aware that we will be crossing multiple time zones and schedule your call accordingly.

Appointments to visit our home and meet our dogs will not be possible for the month of June. However, if you live in one of the following states and would like to meet with some of our dogs while we travel, please let us know and we will try to arrange something. Availability will depend on our trip schedule and how far out of the away the meeting location is.

New Mexico
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