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World Class Jewelry for World Class Athletes

The original IRONMAN located in Kailua-Kona is defined as the pinnacle of the sport. Internationally recognized, our exclusive trademarked IRONMAN jewelry honors your lifetime achievement.

Big Island Jewelers has been the Official Jeweler of this prestigious event since 1996.
Custom Hawaiian IRONMAN Bangle
The Hawaiian way of showcasing your IRONMAN accomplishment.
Designed with the client, this custom 14kt white gold bangle features two symbolically raised initials with their sentimental birthstones (Aquamarine & Ruby) framed within a landscape of tropical Hawaiian flowers.

Testimonial from Client
IT CAME! IT CAME! IT CAME!  I just stopped crying long enough to send you this email.  It is the most beautiful piece of jewelry  I own BY FAR!  Sorry about all the caps. but I just don't know how else to transmit how much I love this bracelet.  Believe when I say that everyone will know where this piece of art came from.

Thank you,
Please call or email us with your Custom ideas and go online to place your IRONMAN orders.
IRONMAN 14kt Yellow Gold Pendants 
1. M-Dot #2 and .01ct Diamond : $435
2. M-Dont 70.3 IRONMAN #3 : $495
3. M-Dot #1 and 0.32ct Diamond Pave : $1,695
4. M-Dot #2 : $955
  • Also available in 14kt White Gold 
  • Featured from left to right
  • Wheat Chains available in various sizes and lengths
IRONMAN 14kt White Gold Pendants 
1. M-Dot #4 with 0.03ct Diamond : $389
2. M-Dot #3 Cut out with .07ct Diamond : $535
3. M-Dot #3 with .38ct Diamond Pave : $2,455
4. M-Dot #7 : $745
  • Also available in 14kt Yellow Gold
  • Featured from left to right
  • Wheat Chains available in various sizes and lengths
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