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Evoking emotions of clear skies

The cool, calm, pureness of Topaz catches the eye as its inner fire flashes with brilliant reflective prisms. 

Topaz is a symbol of love and affection; and was once considered one of five elemental substances that would bring protection to the deities.

Topaz gets its name from the Greek word topazion, which may originate from the Sanskrit tapas, meaning, “fire". 

November’s Birthstone and also the Anniversary gemstone for the 4th year of marriage.

These featured items are original one-of-a-kind, handmade designs that Flint Carpenter and Jose Salgado have created in our Kailua-Kona store front. They are being offered to our Preferred Client Club at a value price for the month of November.

The Lore of Topaz

In Africa, healing rituals with topaz are practiced to establish communion with the realm of the spirit. Bushmen bring it to their shamanic work for journeying, working with ancestors and for healing.

It has been said that dreaming of topaz may indicate that good fortune is on its way. 

In fact, Topaz was one of the stones selected by Aaron for his priestly breastplate. He placed it, as the second stone in the first row of stones.

Mahalo for being a valued member of our
Preferred Client Club


Topaz Stud Earrings
Original Piece
14kt White Gold
Prong Set

Preferred Client Club Price : $335
List Price : $395
Shipping : Included

Blue Topaz Pendant
Original Piece
Blue Topaz : 12.2ct
Diamonds : .040ct (total weight)
14kt White & Yellow Gold
Prong & Tube Set
*Parisian Wheat Chain not included

Preferred Client Club Price : $1,355
List Price : $1,595
Shipping : Included

Topaz Pendant
Original Piece
Topaz : 9.21ct
14kt White Gold
Prong Set
*Parisian Wheat Chain not included

Preferred Client Club Price : $750
List Price : $885
Shipping : Included

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