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Vibrance that emanates life
giving brightness to the night. 

The “King of Gems” Ruby is one of the world’s oldest and most revered gemstones. 

Considered one of the four precious stones, Rubies have symbolized passion and romance for centuries. Ancient cultures around the world believed that it’s intense color came from an undying flame inside the stone. 

Ruby is July’s Birthstone and also the Anniversary gemstone for the 15th and 40th year of marriage.

The featured pieces are original one-of-a-kind, handmade designs that Flint Carpenter and Jose Salgado have created in our Kailua-Kona store front. These pieces are being offered to our Preferred Client Club at a value price for the month of July.

The Lore of Ruby
In India, some ancient cultures believed that rubies grew on trees, just like fruit & those who offered such precious fruits (gemstones) to the god Krishna were granted rebirth as emperors. 

In the west - Roman warriors were said to have implanted rubies under their skin to bring them valor in battle and make them invincible.

Mahalo for being a valued member of our Preferred Client Club
Star Ruby Ring
Ruby Cabochon : 5.16ct
Sapphire : .94ct (total weight)
18kt Yellow Gold
Bezel Set

Preferred Client Club Price : $3,995
List Price : $4,745
Shipping : Included
Star Ruby Ring
Ruby Cabochon : 6.6ct
Diamonds : .22ct (total weight)
14kt Yellow Gold
Bezel & Bead Set

Preferred Client Club Price : $4,739
List Price : $5,575
Shipping : Included

Marquise Ruby Ring
Ruby Cabochon : 2.14ct
18kt Yellow Gold
Prong Set

Preferred Client Club Price : $2,795
List Price : $3,295
Shipping : Included

Pear Cut Ruby Ring
Ruby : 1.41ct
Diamond : .44ct (total weight)
14kt Yellow Gold

Preferred Client Club Price : SOLD
List Price : $5,695

Shipping : Included
Creating treasured symbols of life that will last forever
The Carpenters

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