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Summer 2018 Newsletter

Announcements in brief…

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Save the date for Alumni Band Day 2018!

Please mark your calendars to join us for Alumni Band Day!

Logo of the University of PittsburghLogo of Syracuse UniversitySaturday, October 6, 2018

Pitt v. Syracuse Homecoming Football Game
Festivities begin 4 hours before kickoff time TBA

Stay tuned for registration information.

Alumni of the Pitt Band marching gathering at a pre-game concert outside Heinz Field.Alumni of the Pitt Band marching toward Heinz Field.View through a tunnel onto Heinz Field.Alumni of the Pitt Band take the field during halftime at Alumni Band Day 2017.

PBAC endorsed officers for 2018–2020

The PBAC Executive Committee has endorsed the following slate of officers for the upcoming term from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2020. Reply to this email to affirm the slate.

President — Adam Warble, A&S 2008

Adam WarbleAdam played trumpet in the marching band, concert band, and pep band from 2003 through 2008 and served as a squad leader, section leader, and herald trumpet. After graduating with his bachelor degree from the University of Pittsburgh, he then earned his music education certification at Carnegie Mellon University. Currently, Adam is an elementary general music and choral teacher for grades 1–6 in the Riverside Beaver County School District, as well as the assistant high school marching band director and assistant director for the high school musical. Adam is also very active as a performer on the Great Highland bagpipe and plays the Caribbean steel drums with Jimmy Buffett impersonator Tom Watt, the Buffettman. He also is the founder, coordinator, and director of the Pitt Band Alumni Herald Trumpets, served as the Vice President of PBAC from 2010 to 2014, and has served as the President of PBAC since 2014.

Vice President — Justin Kibler, ENGR 2011, MBA 2016

Justin KiblerJustin played trumpet in the marching band and pep band from 2007 through 2011, having served as a squad leader, section leader, and herald trumpet. He later earned his MBA from Pitt's Katz Graduate School of Business, and currently works as a signalling and project engineer at Ansaldo STS USA (former Union Switch and Signal). He has served as the Vice President of PBAC since 2014.

Treasurer — Timothy Parenti, ENGR 2010

Tim ParentiTim played trumpet in the marching band, symphonic band, and pep band from 2006 through 2010, and served as a squad leader and herald trumpet. Since graduation, he has remained an active alumnus, contributing to the production of the centennial 100 Years of Pitt Band book and assisting in gameday operations with the Alumni Herald Trumpets. He currently works a systems software engineer for the Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology (IDeATe) network at Carnegie Mellon University, and has served as the Treasurer of PBAC since 2012.

Secretary — Candace Vernille, A&S 2010

Candace VernilleCandy played piccolo in the marching band from 2005 through 2010, and served as a squad leader and section leader. Since graduating from Pitt, Candy has also devoted her time to the Pitt Band Alumni Staff, where she is part of the video crew and assists with general operations. Candy currently works as a deposit services analyst at the Bank of New York Mellon in downtown Pittsburgh and has served as the Secretary of PBAC since 2016.

Alumni needed for volleyball pep bands

As the Pitt Volleyball team has gotten better, the Pitt Band has been asked to play at more games. There are a few games that will be difficult for students to do, and so Dr. Townsend is hoping to pull together alumni bands to cover. Call time would be an hour before each game. You would wear your regular Alumni Band uniform and we would supply folders and can supply instruments. You will even be treated to some delicious pizza after the game! We hope you can help us out; volleyball is a fun time!

  • Friday, August 24 v. Cal Poly – 7:00pm
  • Saturday, August 25 v. Pepperdine – 7:00pm
  • Saturday, September 8 v. Washington – 2:00pm
  • Wednesday, November 21 v. Georgia Tech – 7:00pm

If you're interested in filling in for any or all of these games, sign up using this form! Dr. Townsend will send reminders as we get closer to the dates.

Thank you to our donors!

The Pitt Band Alumni Council would like to extend its sincerest thanks to those who donate their time, talents, and resources in support of the Pitt Bands. Listed below are 143 donors who we would like to specifically recognize for having contributed financially to PBAC general operations, PBAC scholarship fund, or the PBAC Endowed Scholarship Fund since July 2016, and/or having donating directly to the Pitt Bands since July 2017. Several of our donors have done all of the above! Without your continued support, we simply couldn't do what we do. Thank you!

  • Adamiec, Larissa
  • Alosi, Matt
  • Alspach, Bonnie K.
  • Anderson, Jack R.
  • Andes, John A.
  • Babinchak, Kaitlyn E.
  • Bean, Beth
  • Belko, Keith
  • Bell, Mitch
  • Benner, Karen M.
  • Benton, Gillian E.
  • Beringer, Clay
  • Bingaman, Robert W.
  • Birkner, Erica
  • Blinky, David
  • Bloomberg, Harry P.
  • Bondarenka, Francis A.
  • Bovalino, Jane
  • Brandt, Becky
  • Brandt, Joseph
  • Bray, Lora
  • Burns, Danielle
  • Calvano, Conrad
  • Carini, Francis A.
  • Casciato, Theresa
  • Collins, Homer Henry
  • Conte, Theresa
  • Costello, Jen
  • Cwalina, Beverly
  • Dahm, Brian D.
  • Dahm, Julia J.
  • Danko, Craig A.
  • Diamond, Jacqueline
  • Dishneau, Ellen
  • Dunlap, Donald D.
  • Ellis, David
  • Ellis, Patrick M
  • Eyles, Thomas E.
  • Ford, Jennifer
  • Frank, Robin L.
  • Fried, Jeanne
  • Gengo, Samuel J.
  • Gernert, Eric V.
  • Gernert, William
  • Gold, Rhonda
  • Gose, Megan
  • Grulke, Alexandra
  • Haase, Bernadette
  • Haddad, Tamara
  • Hajduk, Donna
  • Hamilton, Abigail Adair
  • Hammer, Katie
  • Hampton, Barbara
  • Hanna, Sue
  • Hartenstein, Geoffrey R.
  • Hayden, Amy Lyn
  • Hays, James C.
  • Hellinger, James
  • Hembrough, Cecelia J.
  • Herchko, David A.
  • Hildebrand,
  • Horn, Kendrick
  • Jennings, Doug
  • Kaufman, Lewis
  • Kennedy, Jessica
  • Kibler, Justin
  • Kinskey, Ronald M.
  • Klei, Linda R.
  • Kolicius, John
  • Lebo, Ronald
  • Leichliter, Ronald P.
  • Leo, Joseph
  • Leo, Susan
  • Lincoln, Brian K.
  • Lindberg, Harley J
  • Long, Amy R.
  • Mallets, Joseph J.
  • Mann, Wendy S
  • Manning, Michael
  • Masquelier, Paul J.
  • Mauk, Tammy
  • McCann, Marissa L.
  • McFadden, William
  • McGuire, Megan
  • McKenna, Kevin
  • Meeks, Kerri J.
  • Meskel, Doug
  • Meyers, Michael
  • Miller, Christopher J.
  • Minster, Ryan
  • Miraglia, Kevin
  • Molitor, Jerome C.
  • Munsch, Roslyn M.
  • Munson, Brad
  • Murphy, Clayton
  • Myer, Russ
  • Nery, Carrie
  • Oare, Mike
  • O'Polka, Matthew R.
  • Paciotta, Emily Marie
  • Pack, Stephen
  • Parenti, Timothy J.
  • Parham, Neil D.
  • Paserba, Nikkolas V.
  • Peperak, James
  • Philion, Michele
  • Radovich, William P.
  • Rafferty, Stephen C.
  • Ramirez, Lisa N.
  • Ramsay, Michelle
  • Raup, Austin K.
  • Ray, Laurie
  • Renick, Bob
  • Renoll, A. Brooks
  • Rollins, David C.
  • Rothschild, Linda
  • Saltzman, Arnold Lee
  • Sanko, Jessica
  • Schaap, David
  • Schaap, Virginia
  • Schiffer, Meghan
  • Semple, James S.
  • Shaner, David
  • Spak, Michael
  • Spevak, William G.
  • Stefanik, Anthony
  • Stemm, Joe
  • Stephens, David
  • Stewart, Cathleen
  • Sutter, Jim R.
  • Tighe, Jack T.
  • Townsend, Brad
  • Uselman Simms, Susan
  • Vafeas, George J.
  • Valancius, Stephen R.
  • Vernille, Candace C.
  • Vittone, Gene
  • Vogeley, Mary
  • Warble, Adam
  • Warble, Andrew
  • Waters, Cynthia
  • Wilson, James P.
  • Wingard, Craig D.

Letter from the Director of Bands

Hello Pitt Band Alums!

Director of Bands Brad TownsendI hope you are enjoying your summer. We had a great year with the Pitt Bands and are already working hard on the 2018 season.

On behalf of the students and staff of the Pitt Bands, thank you so much for the support you provided this past year, whether it be monetarily or coming and playing at the Homecoming football game or basketball games. We appreciate all you do for us. You make us better!

Please mark your calendar for October 6, the Homecoming football game — we want you to be with us again. More details will be coming soon. You will also find information elsewhere in this newsletter inviting you to come play for some Pitt Volleyball games. As you may know, Pitt is becoming a volleyball school, and we have established a Volleyball Band. But there are some games is it difficult for the students to cover, so we are hoping some of you might like to play at a game or two. They are a lot of fun!

It is hard to believe I am starting my sixth year with the Pitt Band. I want you to know how much I appreciate the support of Band Alums and especially the Pitt Band Alumni Council. Now that I am settled in, I hope to make it to more of the PBAC meetings and events and hope to see many of you there!

Hail to Pitt!

Brad Townsend
Director of Bands, University of Pittsburgh

Letter from the PBAC President

Dear fellow Pitt Band Alumni,

On behalf of the Pitt Band staff, students, and the governing board of our Pitt Band Alumni Council, I want to personally thank you for helping to make our Pitt Band family such a thriving community. Your time, talents, and generous donations really make a difference and help to create a life-changing experience for our students in the Pitt Band. Here are some of the things which were only possible with your help and generosity this year:

  1. We provided a travel grant to send 10 brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi to their National Convention in Orlando last July.
  2. The band and staff received their annual treat bags as they left for Band Camp at Pitt-Bradford in August.
  3. Alumni of the Pitt Band marching toward Heinz Field at Alumni Band Day 2017.Thank you for attending our Pitt Band Alumni tailgate, pre-game concert, Parade to Victory and halftime performance at Alumni Band Day during the Homecoming football game this past October. We hope that you can join us again next year! The PBAC covers the cost for recent graduates so that they can attend Alumni Band Day for free their first year after graduation.
  4. The Alumni Herald Trumpets helped during the football games once again by playing for alumni tailgaters before football games and by assisting with Pitt Band gameday operations at Heinz Field. If you would like to join the Alumni Heralds, please feel free to email
  5. Thank you for playing in the numerous pep bands for basketball games over the winter holiday break and at other events requested by the Pitt community. This really helps us to stay connected to our Pitt Alumni friends and family.
  6. We awarded our 2017 Pitt Band Alumni Scholarships to worthy sophomore band members Zoe Medvid and Mark Kosky. The university recognized them during a special luncheon at Alumni Hall during the week of Homecoming this past fall.
  7. Zoe and Mark were also honored and received their awards at our 4th annual PBAC Scholarship Recognition Luncheon and Fundraiser which was once again held at Rock Bottom Restaurant in the Waterfront this past January. Thank you to all who joined us for a fun afternoon; we hope to see you again next year!
  8. We were able to provide the reception after the Annual Spring Gala Concert for students, parents, and alumni in Bellefield Hall this past April. The Pitt Symphonic Band performed wonderfully as always!
  9. Thank you to all who played in our pep band for the Children's Hospital Pitt Alumni Celebrity Golf Tournament at Champion Lakes Golf Resort this past May. This was our second year playing at this fun event, and we hope to have an even bigger showing next year.
  10. Thank you for the many generous donations to the ever-increasing PBAC Endowed Scholarship Fund and numerous donations made to the Pitt Band and the PBAC. You are directly helping students receive a quality education and helping to make the Pitt Band the high-caliber organization that it is.

As we look toward to the coming year, we hope that you will join our fellow Pitt Band Alumni for Alumni Band Day during Homecoming on October 6, 2018. We also plan to have our 5th annual Scholarship Recognition Luncheon and Fundraiser this coming winter. Finally, we hope that many of you can join us for the Pitt Volleyball Band in the coming months. Dr. Townsend is very excited for us to join the students for this exciting new performance opportunity.

If you would like to join the PBAC for our monthly meetings, our fall meetings will be held the first Wednesday of each month starting September 5 at Fuel and Fuddle in Oakland at 6:30pm. Please feel free to email us at if you would like more information. Thank you once again for helping us to create another wonderful year of music-making and fun for our Pitt Band family.

I hope to see you all soon and Hail to Pitt!

Adam Warble
President, Pitt Band Alumni Council

That's all for now. See you on October 6, and Hail to Pitt!

Tim Parenti
Treasurer and Interim Communications Chair, Pitt Band Alumni Council

Copyright © 2018 Pitt Band Alumni Council, All rights reserved.

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