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Newsletter for September 2017  


Dear Hydrangeas Enthusiasts,



September is upon us and after a very hot summer, we are fighting fires out west so smoky, ashy days are here as the kids go back to school.  Locals, mark you calendars for two open weekends here at Hydrangeas Plus ® .  We are frantically getting ready for your visit!

What’s happening at Hydrangeas Plus®

Hydrangeas are taking off with beautiful re-growth.  We often cut the plants back, give them some food, and let them re-leaf with fresh new growth.  Also, those plants we shifted in the spring are almost ready - let me know if you're waiting for something special. 

We are hoping for rain this week which would be a welcomed friend.  We are dry, dry and dry.  Other than a smidge of rain on August  13th, no moisture since June.  I think that's a record!

Cooler weather ahead, though.  Our next ship date is the week of September 11th.

Open dates this month

Our first retail event this month is coming this weekend.  We are open Friday, September 8th and Saturday, September 9th from 10am to 4pm.  We working hard to get the retail area full of plants and the garden spiffed up.  We'll have a few of every size but as always, if you know what you're after, let me know and I can set it aside for you.

(BRIDGE IS OPEN!!  The bridge on Whiskey Hill Road at the Pudding River is finally open for all our friends from the south)

Our next event will be September 24 & 25 from 10am to 5pm here at the nursery.  This is the final event for the Cascade Nursery Trail member nurseries.  We will all be open at our fellow trail nurseries.  Take a tour of the country and find some fall treasurers for your garden.

Fall is a great time to plant for many areas.  Mother Nature's cooling temperatures make transplanting a cinch.   Warm soil temperatures keep the roots growing and there are better chances of rain, especially around here.  Don't miss the opportunity to get some hydrangeas in the ground.  My rule of thumb for fall planting is that the plant must have enough time in the ground to get the roots established before your first solid freeze.  A layer of mulch after leaf drop can help the roots stay warm and continue to grow.  Email me with your zip code and I can give you an idea if fall planting is for you.

Special for Fall Shipments
For our favorite customers unable to travel to Oregon for our sales, I am going to offer free shipping again this fall, good on orders over $199 and shipped in the continental US.  For those of you unable to come to our fall sale, please take advantage of our free shipping!  This offer is good 9-5 (today) to October 31st.  Sorry, this offer is not retroactive to previous orders.  Orders must ship before we stop shipping in December (weather permitting here).  Good to valid continental US addresses via UPS.

Use the coupon code FREE.  The coupon can be entered below your shopping cart, once your order in the cart has reached $199 (just 5 three-year hydrangeas).  You will see 'Free Shipping' at the end of your shopping cart.  Keep shopping or check out and enjoy free shipping of your hydrangeas!

Another sale, too!  It's time for our $30 overstocked (and great looking) hydrangeas.  Please give these overstocked hydrangeas a home.  We have Paniculata, Lacecaps and Mopheads for sale.  Please order through this link.

These special priced hydrangeas must be purchased through this link.  If you don't specify the cultivar, we'll pick one for you!  Many of our best selling cultivars are on sale for a low, low price.  Decatur Blue and Madame Faustin blooms are shown above.  Plants are cut back and leafed out, ready for fall planting.  See below for our sample Souvenior De Presidente Doumer.


Annual September Sale
Hydrangeas Plus ®
Aurora OR
September 8th & 9th
10am to 4pm

Colors of Fall Event
Hydrangeas Plus ®
& other Cascade Nursery Trail members
Aurora OR
September 23rd and 24th
10am to 4pm

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Souvenior De Presidente Doumer on 9/5/2017
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