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Newsletter for April 2017


Dear Hydrangeas Enthusiasts,


Happy almost Tax Day.  Oh, I totally procrastinated this year which is not like me at all.  Wind, rain, and hail have wreaked havoc and we have many repairs underway in addition to our normal work we have scheduled. 

What’s happening at Hydrangeas Plus®

We have lots of hydrangeas for sale!  Don't delay as some of the more popular varieties are already running low on inventory. 

With busy days, we are sometimes unable to answer the phone or are on the other line with another customer.  Please leave a message or email me with your question if possible.  We will call you back as soon as possible.

Transplanting Tips

It is a good time to consider transplanting any of those hydrangeas that may need a little more sun or a little less.  When the hydrangea is dormant or mostly dormant, it is a great time to move these shallow rooted plants.  Just be sure to get lots of the lateral roots and water it well in its new home.  Our catalog has some good pictures of how to plant.   For our current catalog, diagrams are on page 13/14.  Be sure to make the the new hole two to three times the size of the rootball.

Time to feed your hydrangeas

March and April is a good time to feed your plants with fertilizer or other amendments to make them more pink or more blue (well, as much as a particular cultivar can be deep pink or deep blue).  If you want a dark blue blooming mophead, be sure to select one with rich colors to begin with.  Those pale blue/pink cultivars will always be lighter in color.

We recommend a balanced, time-released fertilizer that slowly releases the nutrition with heat and/or water.  We sell a good one that we love and use in our display garden!  It is a 10-8-8 and is $6 for a two-pound bag.  One bag will feed 8 full grown hydrangeas, three times through the season.

Want that lush blue blooming hydrangea and your soil just isn't quite right?  Try our Aluminum Sulfate "Blue".  Again it is a two-pound bag and you should be able to get 8 full grown hydrangeas fed in one year.  This may take several applications to get the desired color.  We love this product as it is time released so the risk of aluminum toxicity is greatly reduced.  NOTE - This product is not for use on indoor plants, just outdoor! 

Lime for pink and red!  Looking for something to help that blue hydrangea go back to purple or pink?  Try some of our garden lime. This is a 4-pound bag and should give you two or three applications for 8 established hydrangeas.  Remember, garden lime will dissolve quickly in water so if you have lots of precipitation, more applications will be necessary to achieve the desired level of pink!

As always read your labels carefully before application.

We have established a bundled amendment product just for you!  For $28.95 (shipping included) we will ship you any THREE amendments!  We will ship USPS Priority Mail just as soon as we can.  Just let us know what three amendments you'd like (in the ORDERS COMMENT SECTION) for us to include!  Three fertilizer, 2 fertilizer and 1 Blue, 2 Blues and 1 Lime, 3 fertilizers!  Aw, the combinations you can make!

Open dates this month

We have our BIG BIG Annual Spring Sale at the nursery later this month.  The sale is April 29-May 13, hours are 10am to 4pm daily - Don't Miss Out.  I'm not sure what I will have yet but come find out.  Sale prices are only good at this onsite sale.  This is our annual 'Spring Cleaning' sale where we sell plants to make room for more plants. 

Our address is 6543 S Zimmerman Rd, Aurora OR 97002.  Absolutely no presales will be allowed (I will be grouchy and nobody wants to see that) and we ask that pets stay at home for safety reasons.  Every hydrangea won't be on sale.  We are selling out of lots of varieties so feel free to order now and pickup during our open days.  Email or call me with your order.  Our retail area WILL NOT be open.

Sale this month - Free Shipping

For those of you unable to come to Oregon for our sale, we are offering for a limited time, free shipping off orders of $199 or greater.  This offer is good through Mother's Day (May 14th, 2017) and must ship before June 6th, 2017.  This offer is only good to continental US addresses.  The discount is coupon code, FREE.

Have a great spring and visit our Facebook page often.

Here are some photos from the nursery this week.  Beautiful time at the nursery as buds begin to form!

Upcoming Events

Annual Spring Sale
Hydrangeas Plus®
Aurora OR
April 29th-May 13th
Daily, 10am to 4pm

Willamette Valley Hardy Plant Group -  Plant Sale
Lane County Fairgrounds
796 W 13th Ave
Eugene OR 97402
May 13th
9am to 2pm

Cascade Nursery Trail Event
Spring Fever Open House
Hydrangeas Plus® and other Cascade Nursery Trail members
May 27th-29th
10am to 5pm

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Kristin VanHoose
Hydrangeas Plus
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