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20th - 27th September
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From Fr Michael

I am back!

I hope that the reservation system worked well over the last two Sundays and, if not, you coped positively with the inconvenience.  With only the Sundays being covered for Holy Mass we had to put into place a way that ensured the church did not exceed safe capacity. I also did not want cause our visiting priests and hospitality team any undue stress, we are all grateful for their help - without which, we cannot open.

The reservation system was a bit of a dry-run.  Already on the horizon for the parish is the Feast Day, Confirmation and Christmas.  All of which are going to require very careful planning.   Especially as the days get shorter and colder.

Speaking of cold...  One of the necessary rules we have to follow is to keep enclosed spaces (like the church) well ventilated.  That means leaving doors and windows open. This means it is going to get cold in the coming weeks.  Be completely creative with how you deal with a cold church - hot water bottles, mittens (except for when receiving Holy Communion), scarves, coats and thermal whatevers!  I'll be digging out a thick woollen cassock!  Seriously, we need air flow which means thinking carefully about what you wear in church as there will be no heating.

This weekend we are very blessed to welcome Ollie into the Catholic Church together with his mum Carrie who is to be baptised.  Also, Suzanne will be Confirmed and receive Holy Communion for the first time.  A true joy for our parish!  Please pray for them!  Pray that others will find a home within the Catholic Church.

On Sunday afternoon I was due to be at the Cathedral for the ordination of Sean Gough.  Sadly, because of the restrictions imposed by the Cathedral clergy, I will not be able to represent the parish.  We can all, however, join Sean online by joining the Cathedral livestream.  The times and links are below in the newsletter.  Please keep the soon to be Father Sean in your prayers together with Benedict who is ordained with him and Fr Alex and Fr Clive who were ordained last week.

Fr Sean will be joining us very soon to celebrate the parish feast day on 1st October - more information about that soon.

After two weeks away, I am happy to report I feel very refreshed. As I quipped at the end of Mass this morning, there is nothing more dangerous than a refreshed parish priest.  Please God, the Lord will do something good with us!

God bless and pray for me!

Fr Michael
20th September Readings
A Big Thank You

Thank you for using the booking system for the last two weeks while I was away.  As the weekends were only the only Masses being celebrated we needed a way to keep our numbers safe without any unnecessary stress on our visiting priests and our hospitality team.
Parish Notices

Hospitality Team
As people return to work and school there are a number of changes in our hospitality team.  If you are able to help welcome people to church and clean afterwards, we could really use your help.  Get in touch with Lindsay for more information and sign up.  Thank you to our team, they have been fantastic at keeping us open!

200 Club, Subscriptions Due
This is a nice annual fundraiser for the parish.  
It costs £12 per year (£1 per month) and you are entered into a draw each month.  
Prizes each month are £50, £30, £20, £10 and £10.
Send a cheque for £12 (per entry) and on the back write your name and address to:
c/o Mike Rushton
St Teresa's Presbytery
100 Stone Road
If you would like to join the 200 club send a cheque with you name and address on the back (£12 per entry) and the word 'join'.
After September, Mike will begin chasing people.

Sacramental Preparation
I know families will already be thinking about sacramental preparation for First Confession and Holy Communion and Confirmation for the coming year.  

I have made the decision not to have a parish Confirmation group this year.  This will affect children who do not attend St Teresa's school.  Please do not worry about this, Confirmation does not need to be linked to year 6 and can be celebrated at any age.  For children at St Teresa's, there is a date planned for Confirmation but this will depend on what the situation regarding the Covid 19.  I will keep you informed as best as I can.

I will be delaying First Confession and First Holy Communion preparation until the beginning of 2021 and see how things are then. Again, I will keep you informed.

First Confession and First Holy Communion
Booking is simple.  Go to our website homepage.  Look for the diary.  Choose which weekend Mass you would like the First Communion to be.  Sign up.  You will be sent an automatic email with everything you need to know.
Dates are available until the end of October, after that, you will need to wait until our next celebrations of First Communion.

Certificate of Catholic Practice - St Jospeh's College
For parents preparing applications for St Joseph's College you will need a certificate of Catholic Practice.  Fill this in and bring it to church before 13th September together with a photograph.  Fr Michael will then sign the forms ready for collection from 20th September.
Only submit a form if you are from the parish of St Teresa's and you are practicing Catholics.  Fr Michael cannot sign it if you do and you child do not come to Mass but a family member does.  You also need to have been practicing Catholics for a number of years to qualify.  Fr Michael will not sign the certificate unless he know you and the family.

Gift Aid
A really big thank you to everyone who has donated to the parish over the last few months.  Whether you have given towards the rose garden project, the camera or just donations to the parish, we are so grateful.  It would be an even bigger help if we were able to claim Gift Aid on at lease some those donations.  This means we can claim an extra 25% because you pay tax.  For example, if you gave £200 we can claim a further £50 at no extra cost to you.  If you have given something over the last few months and would like us to claim the Gift Aid on that donation, email us here and we can get the details we need.
Deanery, Diocesan and Local Notices

Ordination of Deacon Sean Gough to the Priesthood
Deacon Sean will be ordained at St Chad's Cathedral on 20th September at 3.00 p.m.  Sadly, due to the current situation, we are unable to attend in person.  We are, however, welcome and encouraged to watch via the livestream at the Cathedral.  Here is the link. Please keep Deacon and soon to be Father Sean in your prayers.

Birmingham Archdiocese Justice and Peace Commission Online Assembly. 
There will be three presentations, with opportunity for questions, on 28th and 30th September, and on 2nd October, and a Prayer Vigil on 4th October with Archbishop Bernard.  For more details and how to register visit :

Father Hudson's
There would normally be a second collection for the work of Father Hudson's towards the end of the month.  Due to the circumstances, they are encouraging people to donate either by phone 01675 434000 or online 
For more Information about their work visit

Second Collections
We have had an email from the Archbishop with information about second collections. These collections assist the wider work of the church beyond our parish and diocese. The timetable for second collections has been adjusted, while optional, we have been encouraged to assist.  To make things simple, the Blue Second Collection bags will be left in church from this Sunday together with a list of all the causes.  Every so often, until the pandemic ends, we will simply divide the money collected between the various causes.  If you wish to donate to a particular cause, you can do so privately.
National, International and Other Notices

Missing Girl
A few weeks ago, there was a notice in the newsletter about a young girl who went missing.  We received an email from the safeguarding team this week saying that she has now been found safe and well.  Thank God!

Liturgies This Week

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 30 minutes before Mass

Sunday 20th September
25th Sunday Ordinary Time
Confessions after Holy Mass
4.00 p.m. Holy Mass (Saturday Vigil) - Rev. Joseph Tynan R.I.P
9.30 a.m. Holy Mass - Dr Kathleen McCartie R.I.P
5.30 p.m. Holy Mass - Holy Souls

Monday 21st September
Feast, St Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist
9.30 a.m. Holy Mass - Rosamma Matthew R.I.P Anniversary
4.30 p.m. Reception of Eddie Roberts R.I.P

Tuesday 22nd September
8.00 a.m. Holy Mass - Thanksgiving 
11.00 a.m. Requiem Mass - Eddie Robers
(parishioners may attend until we reach 30 people)

Wednesday 23rd September
Memoria, St Pio of Pietrelcina

Thursday 24th September
Memoria, Our Lady of Walsingham
6.30 p.m. Holy Mass - Mary Innes

Friday 25th September
9.30 a.m. Holy Mass - Holy Souls

Saturday 26th September
Memoria, Our Lady on Saturday
9.30 a.m. Holy Mass - End to the Pandemic

Sunday 27th September
26th Sunday Ordinary Time
Confessions after Holy Mass
4.00 p.m. Holy Mass (Saturday Vigil) - Holy Souls
9.30 a.m. Holy Mass - Deceased Members of the Davies Family
5.30 p.m. Holy Mass - Pro Populo
Stay Safe at Holy Mass
  • Please stay at home if you or anyone in your family/ household has flu like symptons
  • Remember to bring a mask or face covering (under 5s exempt)
  • Follow directions for Holy Communion.  Place your hands flat as far away from you to receive the host
  • Please keep social distancing while on site
  • Leave church via the back doors
Stay Safe going to Confession
  • Outside of the main doors of church on the grass.
  • After every Sunday Mass, Fr Michael will be available to hear confessions for as long as necessary.
  • Please queue along the gate and wall when waiting to celebrate confession.
  • Don't let the weather put you off!

Parish Finances

Thank you so much for your support

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Livestreams on Facebook, our website and YouTube
Parish Priest
Rev Fr Michael Glover
Parish Phone
Tel: (01782) 658 063

Hospital Chaplain
Rev Michael Puljic
Chaplaincy: (01782) 676400
Parish: (01782) 215 217
Office Hours
Mon – Fri 9.00am -1.00pm
Parish Secretary
Eileen Ratcliffe
Representative: Helen Clarke
Contact can be made through the Parish Office, or call the Diocesan Team on 0121 230 6240 or
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