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31st January - 7th February 2021
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From Fr Michael

This week, the priests of the diocese gathered together with Archbishop Bernard on Zoom for a training day. The theme of the day was "Christ is Alive: Co-Responsibility in the Life and Mission of the Church".  As well as talks from the Archbishop and Bishop Patrick McKinney, in the afternoon we listened to priests and their experiences of co-responsibility in practice.  I was asked to speak about my experience of co-responsibility here at St Teresa's.

The phrase 'co-responsibility' might be a little unfamiliar, it sounds more like business jargon than something  from the Catholic Church.  It is an important phrase.  When it comes to the life and mission of the Church, no one is excluded.  Every member of the baptised has a part to play.  The Church does not have a mission but is a mission.  As Bishops, priests, deacons, those in consecrated life, and all of the lay faithful, each person is responsible for in sharing in that mission.  We don't simply work together on a project (that is collaboration), having encountered Jesus Christ and made Him King in our lives, our horizons open up to a new life where we can serve the Lord, and invite others to know him.  At that point we can place our gifts, our professional services, our treasure, our time, our love, our lives at the Lord's service in building the Kingdom of God in our place.

I was able to share with my brother priests what I think co-responsibility looks like in our parish.  I said that it was not a policy decision, a way of 'getting people involved' or finding jobs and roles for everyone who comes to St Teresa's.  Co-responsibility, to my mind, is a fruit of intentionally engaging in missionary activity.  We keep saying that St Teresa's is a growing community of disciples.  In other words, to become a followers of Jesus and to make followers of Jesus.  As we grow in our faith we recognise the places the Lord is calling us to serve.

Just to offer some examples of things I have seen over the last few months.  There are parishioners who have joined our Hospitality Team who may have only described themselves as 'Sunday Catholics' they now serve on a growing team.  People have come and shared stories of their conversion or their spiritual journey because they can't keep it to themselves with what the Lord is doing in their lives and want to be able to offer more.  We are hosting Alpha and running the Becoming Catholic and Growing in Faith Group in those groups are people who might not have participated in anything that involves sharing or making our faith public.  As I said last week about giving, we are seeing a transition from 'giving what's in my pocket' to 'I want to give and support this community intentionally'.  All of these things and more are fruits of what the Lord is doing in our lives and in our parish.  They are signs of life.  Co-responsibility flourishes when we take responsibility for our own faith by living out our baptismal calling and then seeing how the Lord leads us to call others to him and build the Kingdom of God.

Perhaps you can notice 'signs of life' in your life, or see it in the life of our parish, or in the wider world.  The Lord always calls us to greatness and share in his mission.  Perhaps we can make it our prayer that each of us recognise the gift of our baptism and discern where the Lord is calling us to serve him together, in our own way, co-responsible for mission entrusted to us.

Let's keep each other in prayer.

Hope, pray, don't worry!

Fr Michael
Readings for 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Online Giving

Parish Notices

Sunday Mass
With the very steady increase of people attending Holy Mass, from Sunday 14th February we will be reintroducing the 5.30 p.m. Mass.  This is the Sunday before Lent which will make a really good opportunity for those looking for a good moment to begin coming to Holy Mass in person.

Thursday Mass
I've had to change the regular time for Holy Mass on Thursday.  It just gives me a little bit of time to get back to the Presbytery in time for Alpha.  Apologies for the inconveniene

Ash Wednesday
Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on 17th February.  There will be Holy Mass with the Distribution of Ashes at 9.30 a.m. and 7.00 p.m.  The distribution of ashes will be slightly different and follow guidance from the Vatican and our own Bishops.

Contactless and Online Giving
The parish has now two new ways you can give and support our work and mission.  If you're in church you can use our new contactless giving machine and if you're at home you can use out online giving page.  Not only does this help with how people tend not to use cash these days but also means less trips to the bank which is safer for everyone!  As always, thank you!

Hospitality Team
If you are able to come to Holy Mass and can help serve in our Hospitality Team, that would be fantastic.  This is the only way we are able to offer welcome and service at church at the moment and is great way to get involved.  Contact Lindsay for more information.

At Home DIY Abortion
The Department of Health is holding a public consultation on whether to continue the practice of allowing abortion providers to send abortion pills to women so that they can perform their own abortion at home.  There is a sad risk of danger to those suffering domestic abuse together possible health problems and a lack of the possibility of care to those considering an abortion.  If you can spare the time to complete the consultation you can access it here.  For help completing it, there are downloadable leaflets here and more information here.

Ask your MP to sign a parliamentary motion calling on the Government to introduce new guidance on fetal pain
A new parliamentary motion (EDM 1340) is calling on the Government to introduce new guidance on fetal pain. The evidence that babies can feel pain in the womb, and during many abortions, highlights the humanity of the unborn child and provides another important reason to introduce legislation to protect the unborn child from abortion.
Right To Life UK have set up an easy-to-use tool which makes it simple to contact your MP, and ask them to sign this motion calling on the Government to introduce new guidance on fetal pain. It only takes 30 seconds using this easy-to-use tool. This tool can be accessed by visiting the link below:

Holy Trinity are offering some sessions on understanding the Old Testament in the Sunday Readings. Send an email here for the zoom details.
Listen to the Bible which will be interspersed with commentary and prayer from Fr Mike Schmitz.  Here are few ways to catch up or start from today!

Times of Liturgy

Sunday 7th February
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time 
9.30 a.m. Holy Mass - Bishop Leo and Dr Kathleen McCartie R.I.P.

Monday 8th February
Memoria, St Josephine Bakhita
Day of Prayer for Victims of Human Trafficking
9.30 a.m. Holy Mass - Holy Souls

Tuesday 9th February
8.00 a.m. Holy Mass - Pro Populo

Wednesday 10th February
Memoria, St Scholastica
2.00 p.m. Monica Prayers - Praying for families booklet

Thursday 11th February
Memoria, Our Lady of Lourdes
World Day for the Sick
6.30 p.m. Holy MassHoly Souls

Friday 12th February
9.30 a.m. Holy Mass - Melvin Mayer R.I.P
6.30 p.m. Rosary

Saturday 13th February
Memoria, Our Lady on Saturday
9.30 a.m. Holy Mass - For and end to the pandemic

Sunday 14th February
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time 
Day for the Unemployed
9.30 a.m. Holy Mass - Christina Horton R.I.P
5.30 p.m. Holy Mass - Pro Populo
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