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3rd Diplomate in Chiropractic Craniocervical Junction Procedures Class to Start in 2019

Here is what other DC's have said about their experience in the program: 

"How you do one thing is how you do everything. Attention to detail has increased 10 times. I now look at every indicator possible when assessing subluxation. I now review MRIs on a regular basis. I am more observant of other listing systems and/or factors when deciding how best to adjust my patients. I am communicating differently with my patient and with other healthcare providers. I am more confident, more certain and more knowledgeable than I have ever been."
– Ian Bulow, DC,  DCCJP, Pennsylvania

"The upper cervical diplomate program is by far the best investment I have made. As a younger Doc in the field, it put my learning curve in fast-forward. The comprehension of the craniocervical junction, advanced imaging, cerebrospinal fluid, trauma and how to assess misalignment and provide a specific correction has been invaluable to helping people get better faster and stay better longer. It has distinguished my practice as the "go to" for neurosurgeons, primary care doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and even other chiropractors. Worth every ounce of time, energy, travel and every penny I put towards the program."
– Rachae Bell DC, DCCJP, Washington

Year one starting in April 2019!

If you are an Upper Cervical Practitioner consider continuing your clinical education with the Diplomate in Chiropractic Craniocervical Junction Procedures (DCCJP), the profession's only postgraduate program that incorporates different upper cervical procedures.

Developed and administered by the ICA Council on Upper Cervical Care, the program takes 2.5 years to complete and provides intensive education in spinal biomechanics, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, advanced imaging, and upper cervical research. The curriculum also includes collaborative learning of the major orthogonal and articular approaches to adjusting the upper cervical subluxation, outcome assessments, integrative learning as well as research writing and presentation. An all-around education!

You can find more information and sign up at



Dr. Jaime Browning is an assistant professor at Sherman College of Chiropractic. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Lander University (’02), her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic (’09), and an advanced certification in Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific (KCUCS) technique. Since 2012, she has resided as the chair of Sherman College’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) and oversees human protections for the college’s research projects. She is also a current candidate for the International Chiropractic Association’s (ICA) Diplomate in Craniocervical Junction Procedures (DCCJP).

After practicing in Easley, SC, Dr. Browning found her passion for teaching students and new graduates. She teaches several courses focused on the craniocervical junction and its impact on overall health, including Upper Cervical Rationale, Pattern Analysis, Upper Cervical Technique, and Advanced Knee Chest. Her passions involve biomechanics, skin temperature differential analysis, and upper cervical theoretical concepts. She is a former member of the Lander University Volleyball team, former member of the United States Navy Reserve, and now spends her free time mentoring Sherman students. She and her husband, Kyle, have three highly energetic kids: Addison (12), Fisher (6), and General (3). Her family enjoys camping, trips to Disney, and Clemson football.

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In the last 5 years, the UC council has graduated it's first class of upper cervical diplomates and enrolled a second class, published a research paper in the Journal of Canadian Chiropractic Assoc. added upper cervical specific questions to the National Board Exams, and connected in a significant way with four North American chiropractic schools to help support upper cervical education in the classroom.

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