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ICA Council on Upper Cervical Care to Hold 1st Annual Symposium June 2018 in San Diego

The ICA Council on Upper Cervical Care has announced it will be holding its First Annual Symposium in June of next year. The symposium is confirmed for June 21-23, 2018 at the Loews Coronado Bay Hotel in San Diego, California.

The conference committee, headed by Dr. Scott Bales, revealed that the program will be mix of clinical topics on advanced spinal care, imaging, interdisciplinary case management, research, and more.  A distinguished slate of speakers has already been confirmed. It includes Arthur Croft, PhD, DC, MPH; Jeff Scholten, DC, FCCJP; Scott Rosa, DC, BCAO, FCCJP (Hon); Julie Mayer Hunt, DC, DICCP, FCCJP; David Harshfield, MD; Gerry Clum, DC; and Scott Bales, DC, DCCJP.  More speakers are expected to be added in the near future.
More information about registration, hotel reservations and schedule will be posted in the coming months on the Council’s website at  In the meantime, all DCs interested in learning more about advanced spinal care and research should reserve these dates –June 21-23, 2018.

Call for Papers for 1st Annual Upper Cervical Symposium

A segment of the symposium has been reserved for the presentation of research papers.   The Committee has issued a Call for Papers for both platform and poster presentations. 

Doctors of Chiropractic in private practice and faculty from chiropractic educational institutions are invited to submit abstracts of papers for presentation at the first Annual Symposium of the ICA Council on Upper Cervical Care to be held June 21-23, 2018 at the Loews Coronado Bay Hotel in San Diego, California.

Abstracts/Summaries of papers should not exceed 500 words.  Best submissions will be selected for platform or poster presentation.  Platform presenters will be allowed 10 minutes to present their paper which should include power point. Poster presentations will be displayed throughout the conference weekend.

Only abstracts of original, previously unpublished papers will be considered.  

Research submissions should be in the areas of:
          ● Chiropractic upper cervical care (case studies accepted)
          ● Basic science research with applicability to chiropractic upper cervical procedures
          ● Upper Cervical education
          ● Population/surveillance studies of patient populations and upper cervical care
          ● Upper Cervical procedures
Submission requirements:
     ■ Submissions must include appropriate sections such as Introduction, Objectives/Purpose. Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References. Papers must be submitted in ONE document file in WORD (not PDF). References are expected but within reason.
     ■First page must include the following:
               ●Title of paper
              ●Author (s) name (s), Degrees
              ●Affiliation (if any) to any institution
              ●Complete address
              ●Postal/Zip Code

●Deadline for submission is November 1, 2017.  Papers submitted after deadline will not be considered.  ●All selected presenters will be notified by December 1, 2017. 
●Submissions will be rejected without review if they do not meet the submission requirements.
●All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of reviewers
●All accepted presenters (platform and paper) must register and attend the conference.

Practitioners and academia interested in submitting papers should contact Dr. Bo Rochester at for paper submissions guidelines call the Council office at 571-765-7554.

Dr.  Julie Hunt’s “Observations of the Craniocervical Junction Using Upright MRI” receives positive feedback

In April 2017, The Chiropractic Choice, the digital magazine of the International Chiropractors Association, published an article by Dr. Julie Mayer Hunt on her observations of the craniocervical junction using upright MRI.  The article has received many positive reviews and been reprinted in several newsletters and magazines as it is an observation that could have an impact on the evaluation and treatment of patients with craniocervical junction disorders.

In her article Dr. Hunt explains what standard MRI does not observe and how performing imaging in an upright posture can reveal significantly different parameters. Dr. Hunt also includes images that show the difference between a recumbent MRI and an upright MRI of a patient presenting with neck pain, headaches, brain fog and occasional dizziness.

Dr. Hunt concludes that much more needs to be studied and understood to optimize brain health.  However, upright MRI imaging is a platform that potentially could allow neurologists, neuroradiologists, and other medical specialties to work with CCJ procedure specialists to benefit patients.  Also, understanding the complexities of the CCJ should compel all health practitioners to study further and understand how to optimize the function of this complex joint region of the body.
The article may be accessed at




Committee Highlights


Curriculum Committee  

Dr. Theodosis, Dr. Hunt, and Dr. Richardson are making great progress with getting Upper Cervical integrated more into the National Board Exams. 10 upper cervical specific questions were recently approved by the National Board Examiners for inclusion. And they are working on more inclusion of UC into Part IV.

Education Committee

Is working on a beta version of a 1-hour online CE course as an introduction to upper cervical.

Practice Standards Committee

Practice Standards Committee is a Special Committee of the Council created for the purpose of establishing standards of practice and guidelines for the Upper Cervical Chiropractor by considering the various approaches to the detection and correction of misalignments or subluxations of the Upper Cervical spine. This committee is currently working on establishing standards of practice and guidelines for the Upper Cervical Chiropractor to be published in the National Guidelines Publication.

Conference Committee

The Clinical Rounds presentations have begun with the first one hosted by Dr. Scott Bales on April 22,23, 2017. The small group format and the live patient experience worked really well. We were able to cover a lot of information, went over two complex neurological cases and covered Concussion protocols and Philosophy as special interest topics. 

We have two more clinical rounds scheduled for this year, the next is in Calgary at Dr. Scholten's office on September 8,9, 2017 and already completely full.  

The final clinical rounds will be hosted By Dr.s Evans and Beebe on November 11,12, 2017 in Portsmouth New Hampshire. All Upper Cervical Council members are encouraged to come. 

Join the ICA Council on Upper Cervical Care and help bring Upper Cervical Care to the world!

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