Wellness program for staff and Clients
The Learning Enrichment Foundation is offering Free, six week
online health & wellness series, beginning on July 15th, 2020
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6 Week Wellness Series with Anna

Anna Cabrera    

Anna Cabrera is a mindset and transformational coach, a communications professional, an educator and a writer. Originally from the Philippines, Anna immigrated to Canada in 1988 and has resided in Windsor, Ontario ever since -- but her work as a coach and a writer has earned her a global clieng tele. With a background in media, as well as a passion for mental health, inclusion and diversity, Anna's life passion is to enable people to share their stories and change the course of their lives, so that they are empowered to be everything they can be -- and more. 

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Week 1, Meeting the challenges of change
1:00 PM (EST) - Online details provided following registration
Week 2: Changing your perspective: turning obstacles into opportunities
1:00 PM (EST) - Online details provided following registration
Week 3: The importance of nurturing friendships
1:00 PM (EST) - Online details provided following registration
Week 4: Self-care is not selfish -- it's self-love
1:00 PM (EST) - Online details provided following registration
Week 5: Getting started with mindfulness
1:00 PM (EST) - Online details provided following registration
Week 6: You are not your thoughts
1:00 PM (EST) - Online details provided following registration

6 Week Guided Mediation Series with Angela


Reduce Stress & Anxiety 
Meditation is proven to activate the parasympathetic response system and through regular practice, can promote neuroplasticity, which is the reprogramming of the brain and thought patterns. The amygdala is connected to our feelings of anxiety, fear, stress and is shown to be reduced in size in those who meditate regularly for at least 8 weeks.
More Compassion Towards
Self & Others
Various meditation techniques promote more compassion through self-inquiry, forgiveness, gratitude, objective observation, etc. Metta for example, is a particular style that has been proven to reduce conflict between individuals /groups, social anxiety and promote more positive feelings and understanding.

Better Sleeping Habits
It has been proven that meditation can increase the levels of a neuro-transmitter called Melatonin which helps regulate sleep cycles. Increased Melatonin in the blood can help individuals go into a deeper sleep and during this time of rest, is when the body heals itself the best.
Decreased Depression & Addictions
Studies show that by redirecting the attention and more self-awareness and observation of thoughts can help individuals overcome negative self-talk, destructive thought patterns and harmful habits by empowering individuals to work through cravings and craving related stress, dependency-triggers and increase their willpower respectively. Other studies show long-term reduced rates of depression.
Angela Argentina

Download overview and benifits of mediation booklet. (pdf)


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