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This month I had the pleasure of heading back to San Francisco to visit family and photograph some amazing companies. I also ventured out witness some of the amazing natural wonders the west coast had to offer.

Recently I partnered up with a friend of mine Amandah Wood to create photo essays of how people do the work they love for her website Ways We Work. It's been a blast so far and I look forward to profiling more awesome people and companies in the coming months. Please feel free to checkout our latest story on Jam3.


- Matt

This was captured from Grizzly Peak just north of the UC Berkeley campus. The sunset was an incredible sight to be seen. 

Taken the same evening as the previous image. This was taken looking northward capturing the fading sun over the bay area.

My brother and I took a small road trip north of San Francisco to Point Reyes National Seashore. An unbelievable place to say the least. It felt like being on a different planet or being caught in some dream world like you would have seen in the movie Inception.

Heading south from San Francisco along highway 1 towards Santa Cruz, we stopped at Davenport Beach to soak in some sun and checkout the scenery. This image is of Shark Fin Cove which is located just south of Davenport Beach. 

On our way back from Point Reyes we travelled on Highway 1 south to Stinson Beach. A beautiful place and an awesome highway for driving.

Before my trip west I spent a night out in the Canadian wilderness capturing some photos of the Milky Way core. The Lagoon Nebula is the larger pink spot near the bottom. Above that and just to the right is the Trifid Nebula. At the top left is the Omega Nebula.

This is a shot of the Rho Ophiuchi region near the Milky Way core. This was a composite of 5 images each 5 minutes long for a total of 25 minutes of exposure. 

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