ARC Newsletter - Awards Reminder and Upcoming Webinar
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Reminder: Apply for ARC Awards by March 1st!

National Recognition for RTU Excellence

Apply for National RTU Efficiency Awards. Receive national recognition and publicity for high-efficiency RTU efforts. Building owners and HVAC service providers complete the submission spreadsheet with information on your organization's RTU efficiency activities by March 1st 2015. Note: Submission of award application doubles as form to join Campaign. Winners will be announced at the DOE Better Buildings Summit in Washington DC, May 27-29 2015.

Awards Submissions are due March 1st! To apply, complete the application spreadsheet and email to 

Upcoming Webinar

Utility Barriers and Solutions to RTU Controls Incentives
March 23, 2-3:30pm Eastern, Register Here

Advanced RTU control retrofits offer the potential for incredible energy savings and may include other benefits as well including demand response, fault detection and diagnostics, and improved thermal comfort in the right applications. However, utility programs have struggled to find the right way to support this technology in their incentive programs. Experts from stakeholder organizations across the market will join the Advanced RTU Campaign to present on the Barriers and Solutions to RTU Advanced Retrofit Controls incentives that utilities across the country are currently facing. 
- Michael Deru from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will introduce the Advanced RTU Campaign, including technical resources on existing utility incentives, as well as case studies and guidance documents on RTU replacements and retrofits. 
- Lauren Smith from the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) will present on the buildings program at SWEEP and goals for commercial utility programs in the region. 
- Mary Horsey from E Source will describe results from utility pilot testing of RTU control devices and how the utility structures its incentive programs 
- Danny Miller from Transformative Wave will provide examples of challenges and effective solutions for advanced RTU control retrofit utility programs